‘Kingdom: The Crown Prince’ Spin-Off Reportedly in Development at Netflix

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another kingdom episode the crown prince reportedly coming to netflix

Kingdom – Picture: Netflix

A brand new Kingdom spin-off is rumored to be in development at Netflix, titled Kingdom: The Crown Prince (also been referred to as Kingdom: Three Characters via direct translation). We’re still waiting for confirmation, but below we’ll explore what it means for the future of the franchise.

Kingdom is by far and away one of the most popular Korean language Netflix Originals, and arguably the most recognizable South Korean title on Netflix. Netflix says the title has become a “beloved story” in Korea and beyond.

Kingdom already has two seasons to its name, and with fans ravenous for more, Netflix is whetting their appetites with “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” on July 23rd, 2021.

With a third season still in limbo, fans will be delighted to learn that a new spin-off episode is rumored to be in development at Netflix. Newsen reported that on June 29th, 2021 an official from Netflix confirmed that another Kingdom special will be produced, but Netflix has since taken the stance that “nothing has been decided.”

What this could mean is Netflix might be waiting for the subscriber’s response to the upcoming Kingdom: Ashin of the North before making a decision on any further spin-offs. If the spin-off proves to be as popular as we expect, then we definitely expect to see more of Kingdom in some capacity in the future.

What could Kingdom: The Crown Prince be about?

A tremendous amount of characters died throughout Kingdom, but thankfully some of our favorite heroes survived to fight another day.

In particular, Yeong-shin, the prolific imperial tiger hunter, was a fan favorite amongst many, and one many fans would love to see more of in action. With Kingdom: Ashin of the North introducing undead animals into the mix, such as tigers, who better to hunt undead beasts than Yeong-shin?

kingdom three characters netflix yeong shin

Kim Sung Gyu as Yeong Shin

We could also follow Jo Bum Pal, the magistrate for Dongnae. The last we saw of Jo Bum Pal was when he was given possession of Seo Bi’s journal by Yeong-shin.

kingdom three characters netflix jo bum pal

Jun Suk Ho as Jo Bum Pal

Lastly, we may see more of the young Crown Prince Yi Chang, who still has the virus lying dormant within him.

The first rumors/reports we’ve seen of a new spinoff was back in late June 2021 which reports that the new title will be helmed by scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee and will see the return of Ju Ji Hoon.

A Wiki page also states that the movie (again, must stress none of this is confirmed) will focus on Lee Chang.


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