‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com: What We Know So Far

Your guide to everything we know about the new Mark Waters romantic comedy which is his third for Netflix.

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La Dolce Villa Netflix Movie

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The genre of romantic comedies is seeing a resurgence in the recent years after more or less a decade of quiet. Now Netflix is developing a new rom-com called La Dolce Villa starring Scott Foley and set in Italy.

Netflix’s La Dolce Villa is directed by Mark Waters, whose credits include Mean Girls, Vampire Academy, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and more. This marks Waters’s third major movie for Netflix, having first teamed with the streamer on He’s All That, released in August 2021, and the upcoming Brookes Shileld rom-com called Mother of the Bride, due out in May 2024.

The script was written by Elizabeth Hackett & Hilary Galanoy (A Perfect PairingFalling Inn Love).

Mark Waters Elizabeth Hackett Hilary Galanoy La Dolce Villa

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Producers for La Dolce Villa are Robyn Snyder, Deborah Evans, and Nicola Rosada. Hackett & Galanoy are serving as executive producers. Front Row Films and Dae Light Media are behind the feature film.

What’s the plot of La Dolce Villa?

Thanks to Netflix, we have a brief synopsis for La Dolce Villa:

“La Dolce Villa follows successful businessman Eric as he travels to Italy to stop his daydreaming daughter Olivia from blowing her life savings on restoring a crumbling villa she purchased for €1. Italy, however, has different plans for him as it delivers on its legendary promise of beauty, magic, and romance.”

The film’s plot is very reminiscent of the 2020 film Made in Italy starring Liam Neeson, which also sees them moving to Italy, albeit under very different circumstances. At the time of writing, that movie is currently streaming in the US.

Who is cast in La Dolce Villa?

L R Scott Foley Violante Placido Maia Reficco Giuseppe Futia

It has been announced that Netflix’s La Dolce Villa will star Scott Foley (Scandal, Scrubs) as Eric, the aforementioned businessman and father. Maia Reficco (Do Revenge) will play Olivia, his daughter. They are joined by Violante Placido (The American) and Giuseppe Futia (Still Out of My League) as Eric’s and Olivia’s love interests, respectively.

Other cast members include Nunzia Schiano, Jenny De Nucci, and Madior Fall.

What’s the production status of La Dolce Villa?

Filming for Netflix’s La Dolce Villa started on March 11, 2024, in Italy. Production is taking place in Rome and Tuscany.

Waters teased the movie back in January 2024 before the official announcement in an Instagram post where he was scouting for locations in Tuscany. In the post released on January 23rd, 2024, he writes:

“Scouting for my next movie, saw Tuscany for the first time, completely the wrong way – freezing cold, rushing through in a van, hopping out to dismiss beautiful jewels of cities. “Too big” “Too small” “Don’t like the pavement.” Here’s hoping the shoot will be more luxurious…”

Mark Waters Scouting For Locations La Dolce Villa

Picture: Instagram / mark_s_waters

Filming of the movie began in early March 2024, and it is expected to have all wrapped by early May 2024, with the movie reportedly having a budget of less than $10M. The film is primarily filmed throughout the region of Tuscany, but some of the film takes place in Italy, too.

Mark Waters has been tagged in numerous posts since filming got underway.

La Dolce Villa Production Photos 1

Pictures: Instagram

What’s the Netflix release date for La Dolce Villa?

There is no release date set for Netflix’s La Dolce Villa, but considering its March 2024 filming start, we can expect the movie to be released sometime in 2025.


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