‘Littlest Pet Shop’ Scheduled To Leave Netflix in August 2018

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It seems as though Hasbro is removing its library off of Netflix as Littlest Pet Shop is scheduled for removal from Netflix come August 2018. It joins the likes of My Little Pony, Jem, Pound Puppy and Transformers which are also scheduled for removal next month. 

Note: this article only applies to the United States.

As we mentioned above, quite a few Hasbro shows are currently due for removal in August 2018. This indicates that Netflix is having to decide whether or not to renew the content providers offerings. The same happened last year with FOX where Netflix decided not to renew and subsequently, most of their titles have left the service.

The news will come as bad timing for many given the school summer holidays are now in full flow. The good news is that Netflix has plenty of other kids shows available including a massive range of Netflix Original kids shows.

All four seasons are scheduled for removal on August 16th, 2018.

Removal date on Netflix.com for Littlest Pet Shop

Why is the Littlest Pet Shop Series Leaving Netflix?

As we stated above, it’s because the Hasbro contract is coming up for renewal. Netflix essentially leases content from other providers for a fixed amount of time. That means when the lease expires, it’s down to Netflix and the content provider to come up with an arrangement for a future deal.

This could change and Littlest Pet Shop gets renewed. However, given the fact the entire Hasbro library is up for renewal it’s very likely that individual shows will be leaving or worst case scenario the entire lot.

In the case of Littlest Pet Shop, we believe the series will definitely be leaving. That’s because it has been off-the-air for a number of years meaning there are likely fewer people watching.

Will you be sad to see Littlest Pet Shop leave Netflix in August? Do you think Netflix should keep the show streaming or is it time for it to leave?

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