Longmire Season 5: Release Date and What to Expect

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Longmire is returning for its fifth season exclusively on Netflix in September 2016. We’ve put together everything we know about the new series including the release date, gossip from the set, possible twists and other known facts about the Netflix Original.

Based on the mystery novels by author Craig Johnson, Longmire is a western crime drama starring Robert Taylor. Originally airing on the A&E Network, it ran for three seasons before being unexpectedly cancelled. It was one of A&E’s most-watched original drama series of all time, and the fan support for the show after it was cancelled was huge. Netflix snapped it up and continued the series, much to the delight of fans.

Robert Taylor is Walt Longmire, a solid Wyoming county sheriff with a lot of experience and some personal demons. With the help of his friends and daughter, he investigates major crimes in a quiet way. It’s a brooding watch that hooks you.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 5?

With all previous seasons, except season 2, being comprised of 10 episodes, most crucially the Netflix reboot season too, we suspect you’ll be seeing 10 or fewer episodes but will vary in length.

What Can We Expect To See This Season?

Rumor has it this is the last season of the much-loved show. The episodes will have a slightly longer run time, allowing us to delve a little more deeply into the supporting cast’s storylines. It will continue where the previous season left off, but it will be a season of tying up loose ends. In an interview, Lou Diamond Phillips revealed that Henry Standing Bear and Walt might have their “friendship tested.”

We can also expect a romance between Walt and Vic if the show follows the book’s storyline. How this will shake out considering their age difference and chemistry remains to be seen.

And the big question is: Will someone be killed? If this is, indeed, the last season who will get the axe?

When will season 5 of Longmire be on Netflix?

Longmire Season 5 premieres September 23rd on Netflix globally as a Netflix Original.

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