Love, Death & Robots Vol. 2 Episode 4: Snow in the Desert Ending Explained

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Love Death and Robots Volume 2 Episode 4 Snow in the Desert Ending Explained

Snow in the Desert – Episode 4 of Love, Death and Robots Volume 2

For anyone confused about the ending to the fourth episode of Volume 2 of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Snow in the Desert.

On the very edge of space on a scorched planet, Snow, an immortal albino has lived for almost 200 years. Hunted by merciless bounty hunters, Snow finds an unlikely ally in a beautiful stranger named Hiralda.

Ending Explained

The bounty hunters lead by Baris engaged in a brutal fight with Snow, which resulted in Snow having chunks of his body blown to pieces from gunfire. Snow would have been captured and killed if it weren’t for the efforts of Hiralda, who almost gave her life protecting Snow when she was shot in the head by Baris.

Baris wasted time criticizing Snow for choosing a “backwater planet” to call home. This gave Hiralda time to recover, piercing his chest and tossing away the body with little effort.

While Snow recovers in bed, Hiralda reveals her past to him. She reveals she is not an AI or a Synthetic, but underneath the synth flesh and ceremal she is in fact human, as her brain is still intact. Hiralda states she has been alone for a long time just like Snow as the pair kiss, a start of a new relationship that has the potential to last forever.

Love Death and Robots Volume 2 Episode 4 Snow in the Desert Ending Explained Snow

Episode 4 of Love, Death and Robots Volume 2

Did Hiralda actually work for Earth Central Intelligence?

Whether or not Hiralda worked for ECB or if she was lying to Snow mattered very little in the end. If she was telling Snow the truth, then it’s highly likely she only took the job at the agency as a means to an end. To find Snow, and to seduce him.

Love Immortal

While it may have been very presumptuous of her, Hiralda was easily able to seduce Snow into bed, and after revealing to Snow that she is practically immortal like himself, it was an easy decision for the pair of them to fall for each other.

With Snow practically an immortal, with the ability to age slowly and regrow limbs, paired with Hiralda’s synthetic body, both of them can grow “old” together, with neither having to worry about the other dying of old age.

Has Hiralda tricked Snow into giving her the key to immortality?

It’s unknown what the true physiology of Hiralda’s body is, but we do know it is mostly synthetic. So it’s not beyond the realms of the imagination that Hiralda has modified genitalia and could have taken a sample or two from Snow’s sperm when she slept with him.

The ECB is unwilling to barbarically take Snow’s testicles, but Hiralda by seducing and sleeping with the more than willing participant may have carried out exactly what the ECB wanted.

Hiralda may also still in fact be an Artificial Intelligence like Snow initially thought, but her programming may be so advanced her tale of living alone for years and practically becoming a synthetic may have just been a fabrication from her advanced programming, an ends to a means to seduce Snow and claim the key to immortality…

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