Love, Death & Robots Vol. 2 Episode 5: The Tall Grass Ending Explained

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The Tall Grass – Episode 5 of Love, Death and Robots Volume 2

For anyone confused about the ending to the fifth episode of Volume 2 of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to The Tall Grass.

When a traveler’s train makes an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, he steps out to take a cigarette break. Surrounded on all sides by tall grass, the traveler is lured inside by the pretty ethereal lights, but his curiosity may come at a deadly cost when he discovers the source of the illuminations.

Ending Explained

After failing to listen to the train conductor, the lone traveler found himself lost in the tall grass while out for a smoke. Having missed both calls and failing to get back to the train, the traveler was in a race against time to get back to the train before it leaves him behind.

Distracted by the lights between the grass, the traveler’s curiosity got the best of him as he found a nightmarish creature hidden amongst the grass. Panicked by what he saw, the traveler tried to run towards the direction of the train, only to be impeded constantly by more and more of the creatures.

After falling in a ditch, and grabbed by one of the creatures, and surrounded from almost all sides, all hope was lost. Just before the creatures could sink their jaws into the traveler the conductor saves his life, scaring the creatures away with a torch.

The pair were successful in getting back to the train where the conductor reveals it is not the first encounter with the strange monsters, as he knew they hate fire. The conductor ponders to the origin of the creatures, theorizing this part of the railway track is a gateway between two worlds as the train always loses steam at that exact point on the track.

As the conductor walks back into the carriage, he suggests to the traveler never to mention what he has seen, as no one would believe him anyway. The traveler is left sat at the end of the carriage, as the train picks up speed and all he can do is watch as the light of the grass shines, revealing to be dozens of the monsters on both sides of the track.

Love Death and Robots Volume 2 Episode 5 Snow in the tall grass Ending Explained traveler

The traveler came inches away from being eaten – The Tall Grass – Episode 5 of Love, Death and Robots Volume 2

Are the monsters human?

The train conductor theorizes that the nightmarish creatures were once human, people who found themselves lost amongst the grass. This could be true, but it is highly unlikely as the remains of skeletons were seen by the traveler as he tried to escape the monsters.

Although, in this situation, it could be the notion of “if you don’t get eaten, join them.”

Are the monsters from a different dimension?

Arguably the most likely scenario, and once again a theory from the train conductor, he deduces that this part of the rail track may be caught between two worlds, where the creatures are able to roam freely in ours.

If any poor soul finds themselves lost in the grass like the traveler, they would have made a nice snack for the otherworldy creatures.

Why didn’t the conductor warn the traveler of the monsters?

Would you have believed the conductor had he told you that hidden amongst the grass were nightmarish monsters? For some people, they would laugh it off, for others curiosity would have gotten the better of them to catch out the conductor with a bare-faced lie. To put it simply the traveler would never have believed the conductor, just like no one else will believe the traveler if he were to tell anyone of his journey.

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