Love, Death & Robots Vol. 2 Episode 7: Life Hutch Ending Explained

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Love Death and Robots Volume 2 Episode 7 life hutch

Life Hutch – Episode 7 of Love, Death, and Robots Volume 2

For anyone confused about the ending to the seventh episode of Volume 2 of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Life Hutch.

After crash landing, a space pilot seeks refuge in a life hutch, but a malfunctioning maintenance robot within turns salvation into a nightmare for the pilot.

Ending Explained

While trying to play dead so the maintenance robot wouldn’t kill him, we learned that the pilot had been engaged in a war with an unknown alien entity. After firing his missiles at the mysterious spacecraft, a piece of shrapnel hit the pilot’s spacecraft, forcing him to crash land.

In the end, the pilot was able to outsmart the maintenance robot by using his flashlight to trick itself into crippling its own legs. Unable to defend itself properly the pilot destroyed the bot by crushing its head.

In the aftermath of the fight with the robot, had began to patch up his injuries and successfully sent out a rescue signal for one of his fellow pilots to come and save him from the life hutch.

Why did the robot attack the pilot?

The pilot posed no threat to the maintenance bot, but it still malfunctioned and choose to attack him.

Prior to walking into the life hutch, the pilot made a comment on the damaged exterior of the building, noting that he wasn’t the only one to crash land. The resulting damage to the life hutch, and potentially what was inside may have lead to the maintenance’s bot dangerous malfunction.

Did the other pilots win the battle?

Having crash-landed after being struck by debris in battle, the fight above was still ongoing. After receiving a successful transmission for rescue, one of the other pilots must be on the way to help him, which could mean the conflict going on above him has resulted in a win for his fellow pilots.

On a more sinister note, perhaps his fellow pilots were defeated in battle and the space-faring entity is on its way to take him as a prisoner…

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