‘Manifest’ Won’t Return for a Season 5 But Could There Be a Spinoff?

The main show has come to an end but could more stories be told?

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Manifest was revived for a fourth and final season at Netflix and now that the final batch of episodes have dropped, are we truly saying goodbye to the world of Manifest

Caution: This article will contain spoilers for the final season of Manifest.

Now despite some outlets reporting that Netflix canceled the show again (or at least implying it had), Manifest season 4 was designed to be the final season when Netflix picked it up from NBC.

As you know, the show was originally conceived of being six seasons in total; however, that sixth season was eventually condensed into what is now the show’s final “super-sized” season, which we know as season 5.

The show does conclude nicely, and for the most part (aside from a few big looming lore questions), fans have been satisfied with the ending meaning the show (pardon the pun) stuck the landing.

What has been said about a Manifest Spinoff So Far?

Since the arrival of Manifest season 5, part 2, Twitter, in particular, has been alight with fans talking about a potential spin-off. As of the time of publishing, #ManifestSpinoff was trending globally.

Responding to a Tweet asking if there’s still story left to be told, showrunner Jeff Rake responded that he’d “love” to work on a future spinoff, adding he hopes “we can make it happen.”

The showrunner also responded to a direct message from a fan (published on Facebook) to say, “There’s a chance!” when asked about a possible spin-off.

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MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022

Speaking to NetflixLife, actor J.R. Ramirez (he plays Jared Vasquez in the series) spoke about the ending and teased that there “were talks about maybe doing some more stuff after that [final season].”

However, the actor concluded that he believed the show did end nicely by tying up most of the loose knots and ultimately concluded that he doesn’t think there will be any spin-off.

He also indicated what a spin-off could be about, saying:

“I think if there was any kind of spinoff or anything like that it would be maybe with Vance’s character or something like that.”

In another interview, Josh Dallas spoke about where the show could head next, telling PEOPLE:

“I would love to see where those characters go and how they move through the world knowing this information. I want to know what that world looks like and the ramifications of what they went through, how that affects them now back in 2013. I would definitely dive back in.”

What could a spin-off be about, then? Well, there are still some overarching questions about the overall lore of the show, and we could pick up to see how the characters now behave and act after the event, but we could also see the show work in an anthology format. Who’s to say this is the first time an event like this has happened in history?

Looking over Twitter and other social media, we found people clamoring for more, with some saying that Manifest, as we’ve experienced it thus far, is simply a prequel for what happens next. Others want spinoffs for couples Ben and Benvi plus Jared and Michaela.

As a final note, we should also note that fans have been requesting some kind of boxset physical release for Manifest, which the showrunner has said he would “discuss“. Of course, the show is distributed ultimately by Warner Bros Television, and their Netflix Originals have often eventually gotten boxset releases.

Would you like to see a Manifest spin-off on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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