‘Marriage Story’: Netflix Movie Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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While it may not be generating the same hype as The Irishman, Noah Baumbach’s  Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, will be arriving on Netflix this fall. We have everything you need to know on Marriage Story, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Marriage Story is an upcoming Netflix Original comedy-drama written, directed and produced by Noah Baumbach. This is the second Netflix Original directed by Baumbach, his first was The Meyrowitz Stories.

What is the plot of Marriage Story?

Nicole and Charlie were once deeply in love but as time goes by, they’ve drifted apart. As the pair go through a grueling divorce, one that takes them from coast to coast which pushes them to their personal and creative extremes.

Who is in the cast of Marriage Story?

The following cast members have been confirmed to star in Marriage Story:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Nicole Scarlett Johansson Avengers: Endgame | Lost in Translation | Her
Charlie Adam Driver Star Wars: Episode VII | BlackKkKlansman | Inside Llewyen Davis
Nora Fanshaw Laura Dern Jurassic Park | Wild | The Tale
Cassie Merritt Wever Signs | Michael Clayton | Birdman
TBA Ray Liotta Goodfellas | Narc | Revolver
Carter Mark O’Brien Halt and Catch Fire | Arrival | Goalie
TBA Alan Alda M*A*S*H | The Four Seasons | Crimes and Misdemeanors
Sandra Julie Hagerty Freddy Got Fingered | Airplane! Just Friends
Ted Kyle Bornheimer Bacherlotte | She’s Out of My League | The Big Wedding
Beth Mickey Summer Frances Ha | American Made | The End of the Tour

Although their characters never interacted, this is the second film actors Adam Driver and Laura Dern have starred in since Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Are there any stills or images?

Where did production take place?

Production took place across New York City and Los Angeles.

When did filming take place?

Filming began on January 15th, 2018, and concluded a few months later in April. This means filming concluded before Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War was even released.

The film has been on ice for some time. This could be because of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver’s hectic schedules.

What is the run time of Marriage Story?

We have confirmation that Marriage Story will be just over 2 hours long with a run time of 132 minutes.

Has Netflix released a trailer for Marriage Story?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Marriage Story will be debuting at a film festival it’s unlikely Netflix would have released a trailer until a week before their own release date.

Regardless there are two teaser trailers for Marriage Story. Each trailer tells the point of view of our two protagonists of their thoughts and feelings towards their partner. The second teaser can be watched here.

When is the release date for Marriage Story?

Marriage Story will be arriving at the very end of the Fall season on the 6th of December, 2019.

Marriage Story will be shown to a limited audience when it is shown at three separate film festivals from August to October. The film will mark its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on August 29th, Toronto International Film Festival on September 8th and finally the New York Film Festival on October 4th, 2019.

Will Marriage Story be available to stream in my region?

Once the film is available to stream on Netflix, it will be available in all regions around the world.

The cinematic/theatrical release appears to be limited to film festivals.

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