‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Masters Of The Universe Revolution Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Picture: Netflix – Mattel Television / Netflix

Masters of the Universe: Revolution debuted at the end of January 2024, but Netflix has yet to renew the series for a second season. However, positive signs suggest more Masters of the Universe will be on the way soon. Here’s everything that we know so far.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is the sequel to Mattel Television and Netflix’s animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The series is helmed by showrunner Kevin Smith and executive producer Rob David, Mattel Television’s Vice President of Content Creation.

Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind Blood of Zeus, Seis Manos, and Castlevania, is the studio behind Masters of the Universe.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 21/02/2024)

At the time of writing, Masters of the Universe: Revolution has yet to be renewed for a second season. However, we fully expect to see the return of the series sometime in the near future.

In our interview with Masters of the Universe executive producer Rob David, he heavily hinted more is to come when he suggested there’s a lot more in store for the character Evil-Lyn;

“Right! “Good-Lyn.” The way that John Delancey delivers that line in the end totally gets me. Yeah, Evil Lynn, of course. She’s so complex, and her relationship with Skeletor is truly awesome. We’ve got great things ahead for her.”

Rob elaborated further when asked about the future of the Masters of the Universe franchise;

“Then, of course, we’ve got lots and lots more stories to tell, possibly, you know, an animation spinning out of Revolution. There were a lot of excellent little cliffhangers and extra scenes in the end credits to let you know where we might be going with things, or we could go with things, which are very exciting. And then, of course, Mattel has a movie in development for Masters of the Universe, but Mattel film is at the helm, and we’re excited about that.

So I think the future is bright. It’s absolutely bright for Masters of the Universe. I mean, this is an endless epic that has had tons of great contributions from so many different storytellers over the years. And it’s like a myth. It’s a living myth that hopefully will go on forever.”

we expect to learn more soon.

What to expect from Masters of the Universe: Revolution season 2?

A New Future for Eternia

Prince Adam is giving up his throne so that the people of Eternia can decide their own fate and govern themselves. Expect to see a new democratic society amongst the people of Eternia, which will likely bring unique benefits and problems.

Despara and Hordak

Hordak’s defeat and betrayal at the hands of Skeletor almost led to his death. The Horde retrieved his body and is currently being healed in a rejuvenation tank.

At the end of the season, Despara was revealed. For anyone unaware, Despara is the evil alter ego of She-Ra, aka Adora, the twin sister of Adam.

The lore of She-Ra may altered slightly, but Adora was kidnapped by Hordak when she was a baby and raised her to be evil. Whether or not Horde Prime currently possesses her remains to be seen, but regardless, Despara will be a fierce opponent for He-Man/Prince Adam to contend with.

Masters Of The Universe Revolution Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status Despora

Picture: Despara plotting the downfall of He-Man – Mattel Television


In the climactic fight between He-Man and Skeletor 2.0, He-Man used the sword’s power to transform Skeletor back into Keldor. However, despite looking physically like Keldor, Skeletor’s soul, personality, or will remains inside.

Keldor is a prisoner of Castle Grayskull, where he now has plenty of time to think about the person he wants to be. The next question to be answered is whether Keldor is redeemable or if the return of Skeletor is inevitable.

Masters Of The Universe Revolution Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status Keldor

Picture: A defeated Kaldor/Skeletor – Netflix

Evil-Lyn or Good-Lyn?

Evil Lyn’s penance for the destruction of Preternia was nursing the dragon Granamyr the Magnificent.

Her actions in the conflict against Skeletor and Hordak saw the restoration of Preternia, saving Granamyr’s soul in the process. For this, she has been granted a place amongst the Cosmic Enforcers by Lord Zodac.

It’s unclear what a place amongst the cosmic enforcers means for Lyn, but at the very least, it will give her a newfound sense of purpose.

Masters Of The Universe Revolution Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status Cosmic Enforcers

Picture: Evil-Lyn joins the Cosmic Enforcers – Mattel Televisions / Netflix

When can we expect to see Masters of the Universe: Revolution on Netflix?

Even though a second season hasn’t been announced, there’s a chance we could see its arrival sooner rather than later.

Evidence to suggest we could see the arrival of the second season soon is due to the release of the previous series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

The first part of Revelation was released on Netflix on July 23rd, 2024. Part two was released four months later, on November 23rd, 2021.

If Revolution were to follow suit, we could see a second season on Netflix as early as May 2024. For now, we await for Netflix to confirm the series’ future.

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