‘Wolf King’ Netflix Animated Series Based on Wereworld Books Releasing in 2025

The animated series was previously thought to be releasing in 2024.

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Wolf King First Look Netflix 2025 Release Date

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Netflix is bringing the world of Curtis Jobling’s Wereworld into a CG series called Wolf King in 2025. Wolf King is an epic adventure fantasy series as well as a coming-of-age story produced by Lime Pictures and Jellyfish Pictures.

Netflix’s Wolf King is directed by Tom Brass, whose VFX and animation credits include Captive State, The Innocents, Nova, and more. The writing team for Wereworld includes Celia Morgan (Eastenders, Jamie Johnson) and Andrew Burrell (Disenchantment, Eastenders).

Jellyfish Pictures is behind the animation for the series. They have previously worked on How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming, Spirit: Untamed, The Boss Baby, The Bad Guys, and Kung Fu Panda. For Netflix, the team is currently working hard for the 2025 Roald Dahl adaptation, The Twits.

On top of that, the music for the series will be composed by Tom Haines (Glow-Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star).

The series is produced by Angelo Abela, Tim Compton, Curtis Jobling, and Barry Quinn for Lime Pictures.

What’s the plot of Netflix’s Wolf King?

Wereworld Netflix Series Everything We Know

Picture: Jellyfish Pictures

Netflix’s Wolf King is based on Curtis Jobling’s Wereworld book series. The series contains five books that were published from 2011 to 2013.

Here’s the official Netflix logline for Wolf King, which is described as an epic fantasy adventure with a dash of horror and aimed at a 12-13+ age group:

“Wereworld is an epic fantasy adventure series that follows Drew Ferran, as he comes of age and discovers he’s the last of a long line of Werewolves, and rightful (yet reluctant) ruler of a land governed by Werelords. Drew must fight to abolish the tyranny of the Lionlords and reclaim the throne.”

It has not been confirmed whether the first season will only adapt the first novel or try to adapt the first two, but if the series is a success, it’s possible that Netflix would want to carry it out in the classic “one season – one book” formula. On Curtis Jobling’s website, he states he’s “adapting all six novels as lead writer and associate producer.”

Who is in the voice cast of Wolf King?

Louis Landau Nina Barker Francis

The main cast for Netflix’s Wereworld hasn’t been officially announced yet. Nevertheless, we know two series regulars already.

Louis Landau (The Serpent Queen) will voice Trent Ferran, Drew Ferran’s adoptive brother.

In addition, Nina Barker-Francis (House of the Dragon) will voice Whitley, a friend of Drew’s.

Additionally, David Dawson (The Last Kingdom) has joined the voice cast of Wereworld as Count Vega, a flamboyant and charming pirate, and a Wireshark.

What’s the production status of Wolf King?

As far as we can tell, Netflix’s Wereworld has been in production since at least June 2022. Animated projects are all behind closed doors and very different from live-action productions, where pre-production, filming, and post-production stages are clearly divided and visible to the public.

How many episodes will be in Wolf King?

We’ve learned that Wereworld gave an upfront order of 16 episodes (that could be split up into two seasons of eight episodes each), each around 22 minutes long.

What’s the Netflix release date for Wolf King?

At the Next on Netflix: Animation reveals in June 2024, Netflix confirmed that Wolf King is part of Netflix’s 2025 animation lineup.

Curtis Jobling’s LinkedIn profile states the original broadcast target date was the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

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