Netflix Cancels Animated Movie ‘I, Chihuahua’; Will Be Shopped Elsewhere

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I Chihuahua Canceled At Netflix

Concept art of I, Chihuahua – Picture: Netflix

A second project from Jorge R. Gutiérrez has been canceled at Netflix. The creator behind the critically acclaimed animated limited series Maya and the Three had been working on his feature film I, Chihuahua for multiple years but announced today, via X, that it had been canceled. However, it will be shopped elsewhere.

First announced to the public back in March 2022, the project notably had Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias attached, both voicing the lead role and serving as a producer. Doug Langdale and Candie Kelty Langdale were on board to write the film alongside Gutiérrez, who signed a creative animation partnership with Netflix in October 2020.

The synopsis for the movie was as follows:

“After learning his beloved home is in danger, a young Chihuahua named Chacho dons a Lucha Libre mask to become Luchacho! Our masked underdog enters an international fight tournament, competing against a hilarious and eclectic mix of animal fighters from all over the world, leading to the final epic fight against the nefarious beast known as Chamuco, The Widow Maker!”

Since then, we’ve had a few updates from Guitierrez throughout the creative process, which for an animated movie is often long and laborious, to say the least.

In August 2023, the creator provided a brief update writing, “i’m currently in the middle of the insanely epic but really difficult “I Chihuahua” script rewrite.”

Fast forward nearly a year and the famed animator and director posted a picture of character drawn with the caption, “My movie is dead.”

The post on X itself came with the word “Hollywood.” This is a long-running meme from the creator, who often posts pictures or videos about chaotic scenarios and labels them Hollywood signaling that it’s a crazy business and often not fair or right. He’s right.

Gutierrez later followed up that Tweet with a reply, “Nothing in Hollywood is ever dead,” and another with a picture captioned, “What is it with Hollywood and death?”

After receiving lots of replies asking what the Tweet was about, Gutierrez confirmed that I, Chihuahua, was no longer in the works at Netflix, saying:


“..since everyone is asking, my beloved “I Chihuahua” is, as of now, officially dead at FAN (Feature Animation Netflix) over “creative differences”. I adore the film with all my heart and absolutely plan to get it made somewhere else. Netflix is being really cool about letting me take it outside so I could not be more excited and hopeful for the future.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first project from the creator canceled at Netflix. A sequel series to Maya and the Three, titled Kung-Fu Space Punch, was in development for some time, but just like today, the creator confirmed that Netflix had scrapped the project back in May 2022.

This is just the latest project to be scrapped at the streamer. In recent months, The Mothership was canceled despite having been filmed; it was quietly announced that an animated movie called Escape From Beverly Hills with Noah Baumbach and Scarlett Johansson’s involvement had quietly been scuppered, and most recently, the New York Times revealed that Kathryn Bigelow’s new big-budget thriller Aurora is no longer moving forward.

Despite this cancellation, Netflix is still heavily invested in animated feature films—you can find our preview of all the announced and upcoming Netflix animated feature films here.

Are you disappointed that Netflix is no longer moving forward with I, Chihuahua? Let us know in the comments down below.

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