Fan Casting Season 2 of Netflix’s Live Action ‘One Piece’ Series

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One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting

Picture: One Piece – Tomorrow Studios

With the success of the first season of the live-action One Piece, its renewal was confirmed swiftly after the show’s launch. While fans wait patiently for season 2 news, this has left many fans to speculate who will be cast in the upcoming second season.

With production rumored to begin in June 2024, Netflix and Tomorrow Studios are hard at work casting the second season of the live-action One Piece. We’ve combed through the internet and found what we feel are some of the best fan cast choices for some of the iconic characters of the upcoming Alabasta saga.

Dragon has been omitted from this list as it has already been revealed that South African actor Dean Damonse has been cast in the role.

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Here’s some of the best fan casting we’ve seen for the second season of One Piece so far;

Nico Robin / Miss All Sunday

Fan cast: Anya Chortle
Known For: The Witcher

We’ll be introduced to Nico Robin, aka Miss All Sunday, Crocodile’s beautiful, mysterious, and powerful second in command. The consensus we’ve found for Robin’s casting is The Witcher‘s Anya Chortle.

While we think this would be an excellent casting decision, the actress is still busy portraying the role of Yennefer of Vengeberg in The Witcher. While the role of Robin wouldn’t be as extensive as it will be in later seasons, unless Anya Chortle’s time on The Witcher ends soon, it’d be hard for the actress to squeeze the role of Robin into an already busy schedule.

It must be noted that the actress has already dedicated a significant amount of time to one role in a TV series. Once The Witcher ends, she may want to explore other roles that wouldn’t require her to be dedicated to one series for potentially years to come.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Anya Chalotra

Picture: Nico Robin (left) and Anya Chalotra (right)

Nefertari Vivi/Miss Wednesday

Fan cast: Tara Emad
Known For: Suits

Most One Piece seems to agree that the actress portraying Nefertari Vivi should have Egyptian heritage, so it’s hard to look further than actress Tara Emad. The actress and model is most well known for starring in the Egyptian adaptation of Suits as Laila Radwan.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Tara Emad

Picture: Nefertari Vivi (left) and Tara Emad (right)

Tony Tony Chopper

Fan Cast: Brina Palencia
Known For: One Piece

As Tony Tony Chopper will need to be animated in the live-action series, there’s arguably no better person to turn to than the English dub actress of the anime, Brina Palencia. Having played Chopper for an extremely long time, Brina has the role nailed.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Brina Palencia

Picture: Tony Tony Chopper (left) and Brina Palencia (right)

Portgas D. Ace

Fan Cast: Xolo Maridueña
Known For: Cobra Kai

After six seasons, Cobra Kai is coming to an end. That means after several years, Xolo Maridueña will be free to pursue even projects after impressing as Miguel Diaz in Cobra Kai and as Jaime Reyes in Blue Beetle.

As a fan favorite, it will take someone special to fill the role of Ace, and Xolo Maridueña has plenty of charisma to play the role. He’s also two years older than Iñaki Godoy, making him the perfect “big brother” for the Brazilian actor.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Xolo Mariduena

Picture: Ace (left) and Xolo Mariduena (right)

Dr. Kureha

Fan Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis
Known For: Halloween

As a self-proclaimed fan of One Piece, Jamie Lee Curtis has already thrown her hat into the ring for the role of Kureha, and fans want her cast as the eccentric doctor too! Nothing else needs to be said, as the Halloween actress would make the perfect Kureha.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Jamie Lee Curtis

Picture: Dr. Kureha (left) and Jamie Lee Curtis (right)


Fan Cast: Marcin Dorociński
Known For: Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

The Polish actor will be familiar to Netflix subscribers as Yaroslav the Wise in Viking Valhalla and as Vasily Borgov in The Queen’s Gambit. He certainly has the right look, and his intimidating demeanor is precisely what is needed for one of the most iconic One Piece villains.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Marcin Dorocinski

Picture: Crocodile (left) and Marcin Dorociński (right)


Fan Cast: Alexander Ludwig
Known For: Vikings

Thanks to his leading roles as Bjorn Ironside in Vikings and Ace Spade in Heels, Alexander Ludwig has spent almost a decade in roles requiring him to be in top physical shape. Not only does he have the right look to play Smoker, but he’s nearly the same age (31) as the character was when he debuted in the manga/anime (34). At the very least, what is required of any actor to play Smoker is an actor with the ability to be a physical and intimidating presence, and with Alexander Ludwig you have that in droves.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Alexander Ludwig


Fan Cast: Kristina Tonteri-Young
Known For: Warrior Nun

Audrey Cymone is too young to play Tashigi, at only 14. Given that Tashigi’s character and her relationship with Zoro are based on how much she looks like Kuina, it’s important to find an actress who looks as close to Audrey as possible. In our opinion, Warrior Nun actress Kristina Tonteri-Young fits that mold.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Kristina Tonteri Young

Picture: Tashigi (left) and Kristina Tonteri-Young (right)

Dorry and Brogy

Fan Cast: Rory McCann / Kristian Nairn
Known For: Game of Thrones

If fans have their way, a Game of Thrones reunion could be on the cards. Some are suggesting that Rory McCann, aka Sandor Clegane, and Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor, would make the perfect Dorry and Brogy. In real life, McCann and Nairn are already giants among men, and we can see them perfectly placed as two of One Piece’s mightiest and largest warriors.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Rory Mccann Kristian Nairn

Picture: Rory McCann (left) and Kristian Nairn (right) / Dorry and Brogy (bottom)

Mr. 1

Fan Cast: Mustafa Shakir
Known For: Luke Cage

One of the most dangerous individuals of Baroque Works, Mr. 1, aka Daz Bonez, will go toe to toe with a certain green-haired swordsman in the second season of One Piece. Online, we’ve seen plenty of fans discussing the idea of Mustafa Shakir, who previously played Bushmaster in the Netflix Marvel series Luke Cage, as the perfect candidate.

One Piece Season 2 Fan Casting Mustafa Shakir

Picture: Daz Bonez (left) Mustafa Shakir (right)

Who would you like to see cast in the second season of One Piece? Let us know in the comments below!

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