Netflix Now Allowing Title Suggestions From Users

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Netflix has always been pretty good at listening to its subscribers. They intend to go one step further though and allow for its users to make suggestions through a new form it has on the helpdesk of

Up until now, Netflix has made its decisions on what titles to buy and make from research including monitoring torrent sites to gain an idea of how popular a series would be on its platform. We’ve detailed more way Netflix picks up its shows in a previous article, but the introduction of a request form is very welcome although it may turn out just to be lip service to reducing the number of recommendations through its live chat service.

You can find the new recommendation form here, and it currently allows you to input three names of shows or movies you’d like to see on Netflix.

Although you can enter anything into these boxes, it’s worth pointing out that it’s by no means a guarantee that Netflix will pick up the show if you put it into this form. Rather, Netflix will use it to gauge interest in a show or shows like it. Whether or not we’ll hear news of any direct action because of recommendations is unknown.

Before you head off to that form and type in Game of Thrones, it’s worth noting of titles like that which will unlikely ever to see the light of day on Netflix regardless of region.

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