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Team Foxcatcher Netflix Original

A surprise announcement today out of Netflix HQ of a brand new Netflix Original documentary following the tragic events surrounding John Eleuthère du Pont and his murder of Dave Schultz.

The story of John du Pont is known far and wide as he famously trained the Schultz brothers during the 1990’s, who were two of America’s best known wrestlers at the time. He effectively sponsored them to compete at different levels of competition but had a few odd tendencies that grew many people’s suspicion. He became attached to the brothers on an unhealthy level and the rest is sadly, history. He was convicted on February 25th, 1997 of murder.

So far Netflix has released a trailer (see above) for what we should expect from the documentary. The documentary is set to include unseen footage, new interviews and giving the first visual documentary giving a timeline on the murder of Dave Schultz.

It’s not the first time that John du Pont has had the Hollywood spotlight shone on it as in recent years as Steve Carrell famously played the wrestling coach in the 2014 movie, Foxcatcher. He starred alongside Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum in one of 2014’s most underrated movies and a no doubt a great companion movie to watch alongside this new documentary.


John du Pont featured in Team Foxcatcher

Team Foxcatcher is set to join a growing list of Netflix Original documentaries including the two Oscar nominated documentaries What Happened, Miss Simone and Winter on Fire : Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom. Netflix hopes that this documentary will receive the same amount of coverage that Making A Murderer did late last year. The controversial documentary series following Steven Avery captivated audiences around the world and still has the media spotlight to this day.

The documentary will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival before becoming available exclusively for streaming on Netflix April 29, 2016.

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