Netflix picks up Italian series ‘Carlo & Malik’ internationally

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Carlo & Malik – Picture from Rai 1 / Netflix

Netflix has acquired another Italian series from Rai 1 due for release on Netflix for March 22nd. Here’s what you need to know about the new Italian series including what it’s about, whether it’ll be dubbed, who stars and whether the series is due to get a second season. 

Carlo & Malik represents just the latest Italian pickup for Netflix. It’s acquired multiple series by Rai (a national TV station in Italy) which includes “Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends” and “Medici: Masters of Florence”. That’s on top of its own produced series such as Suburra which recently dropped its second season. Carlo & Malik sits in the middle of the road with Netflix co-producing the series.

What’s the series about? The series is known in Italy as “Nero a metà” which translate to “half black”. Netflix has opted to call the show based on the two main characters instead.

What’s the series about?

The series is a familiar tale of a veteran cop being paired with a rookie. The veteran, in this case, is Carlo Guerrieri, a veteran police officer from Rome, the capital of Italy. He’s been paired with a new cop and across 12 episodes, they work with their team on various cases.

The series is filmed solely in Rome including landmarks such as the Rione Monti (headquarters of the Commissariat), the Rione Esquilino, the clubs overlooking the Tiber and the historic center.

Will Carlo & Malik be dubbed in English?

It’s unlikely. The short clip available for the show is presented in Italian with English subtitles. Both of the other two Italian internationally distributed Netflix Originals aren’t dubbed.

Never the less, we’ve tried reaching out to Netflix to confirm whether or not the series will be dubbed.

Will there be a season 2 of Carlo & Malik on Netflix?

No official yet as we wait for season 1 to release on Netflix although it’s understood that most parties are interested in completing a second season. In an article that looks into the prospects of a second season, they say the first series was tremendously successful in Italy “with an average of 23% share”. They then went onto say that Claudio Amendola said he was interested in doing a season 2. Here’s the translated version of what was said in the article: “The actor has indeed confirmed his intention to remain tied to RAI and want to continue to play the role of this “chewed” inspector for a long time.”

Is there a trailer for Carlo & Malik?

Not yet. There is a short clip available on the official Netflix page for the show. With that said, the clip is short and really doesn’t give a good impression of what to expect.

There’s a short clip on YouTube of what to expect but just remember it’s yet to be subtitled.

When is Carlo & Malik releasing on Netflix

The series is releasing worldwide on Netflix on March 22nd. It will likely eventually come to Netflix in Italy too.

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