Netflix Picks Up Orphan Black Season 5 With Weekly Episodes

Netflix in the United Kingdom will be once again getting new episodes on a weekly basis. The deal has been extended to the final season of the show which will see all ten final episodes plus the series finale added to Netflix by the middle of August 2017. Below, we’ll take a look at what you can expect plus we’ll have a full calendar schedule too. 

The show is about a bunch of clones who are being hunted down for their DNA and secrets that they hold. The series predominantly focuses on Sarah who assumes the identity of a police officer and finds her way into a massive conspiracy. The series has run for five seasons and likely due to falling viewing figures, season 5 will be the final season.

Season 4 was the first season of the show to become a partial Netflix Original with new episodes releasing the day after it releases in the US. This is not an uncommon setup as many shows such as Riverdale, Power, Better Call Saul and Designated Survivor all release on Netflix UK in this way.

Orphan Black Season 5 Release Schedule

Netflix UK will be repeating the release schedule you often see with shows it picks up from the US. New episodes air on BBC America on Saturday’s and are added to Netflix UK the following day. That means around 8am on Sunday in the UK and relative times around the world, a new episode will be available up until August 13th, 2017.

Episode NumberUS Release DateNetflix Release Date
Episode 01June 10th, 2017June 11th, 2017
Episode 02June 17th, 2017June 18th, 2017
Episode 03June 24th, 2017June 25th, 2017
Episode 04July 1st, 2017July 2nd, 2017
Episode 05July 8th, 2017July 9th, 2017
Episode 06July 15th, 2017July 16th, 2017
Episode 07July 22nd, 2017July 23rd, 2017
Episode 08July 29th, 2017July 30th, 2017
Episode 09August 5th, 2017August 6th, 2017
Episode 10August 12th, 2017August 13th, 2017

What about the US?

As we’ve covered before on What’s on Netflix, the series isn’t currently available at all on Netflix streaming. This is because BBC America holds the rights to the show and has exclusively given the streaming rights to Amazon Prime which currently holds season 1 to 4 on their prime subscription. Season 5 will likely come to Amazon Prime but not on the release schedule above. Given Netflix’s preference to newer shows, it’s unlikely that Orphan Black will ever come to Netflix in the US.

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