Is ‘Orphan Black’ Streaming on Netflix?

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Orphan Black on Netflix

The popular BBC America series Orphan Black is heading into its final season in 2017 and will end after the fifth season. In many Netflix regions, you’re able to watch the show exclusively with weekly drops. As for everyone else, let’s see whether or not Orphan Black is streaming in your region. 

The series which sees Tatiana Maslany portraying multiple very different roles all of which who are clones is truly groundbreaking, and that makes it one of the best sci-fi shows airing right now. It tells the story of a company that made clones several decades ago and their mission to monitor the clones. The main character in the series is Sarah Manning who found herself mixed up in the world of clones after assuming the identity of Beth Childs – another clone.

It’s a personal favorite of mine and each episode ends up leaving you with more questions than answers but that’s just part of the shows nature and I’ll be sad to see it finish next year.

The series is created in partnership with the Canadian channel Space and US network called BBC America. This pretty much is the reason why those in the US and Canada aren’t able to stream on Netflix. Elsewhere, though, Netflix has managed to secure the rights to the show and market them as Netflix Originals.

For places like the UK, we’ve seen weekly episodes come to Netflix just after they’ve aired in their country of origin. We saw this first with season 3 and will likely carry onto the final episode of season 5.

The show after it’s finished then has an opportunity to come to Netflix although it’s not one we think they’ll take. BBC America has actually pulled more shows recently than added to Netflix including the likes of Doctor Who which made the jump to Amazon Prime.

Don’t despair completely, though, Netflix’s talk show Chelsea had Tatiana in for an entire episode back in July.

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