Netflix Picks Up Turkish Prison Drama Series ‘The Yard’

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The Yard / Avlu coming soon to Netflix

Netflix has acquired the international streaming rights to another popular Turkish drama. The Yard, which is due to premiere on Netflix on October 18th, 2019 with its first batch of episodes. Here’s what we know about the series and why you should be excited. 

The series has been dubbed The Yard for international release but in Turkey, the series is referred to as Avlu. It airs on a network called Stars and has had three seasons released so far since 2018. In fact, 54 episodes of the show have already been produced for the series thus far.

Netflix has had a bunch of successes with prison dramas over the years. Orange is the New Black is the first one that comes to mind and ran for seven seasons (with spin-offs reported on the way). Wentworth is an Australian pickup that continues to be a huge show for Netflix and the Spanish prison drama series Locked Up is also a fan-favorite.

What’s The Yard on Netflix about?

The Yard is a prison drama about a rough prison that is essentially run by the inmates.

Here’s how Netflix describes the new show:

After a fateful domestic clash, a devoted mother finds herself in prison and fighting to survive in hopes of reuniting with her daughter.

Will The Yard on Netflix dubbed or subbed?

Both! Netflix is providing us with multiple options. You can either switch the audio to English or listen in its original Turkish with English subtitles. Additional language dubs include Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

It doesn’t look like Netflix will be showing all three released seasons straight away; instead, it is splitting them up into parts. If it sticks to its regular convention, 11 episodes will be released in October, with more released a few months thereafter. We’ll cover more on the release schedule once part 1 has been released onto the service.

A fourth season of the show has already been commissioned too meaning we’ll have plenty more episodes to come for this new prison drama.

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