Netflix Rules Out Second Season for British Series ‘Red Rose’

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Red Rose Season 2 Ruled Out Netflix

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Thanks to the new Netflix Engagement Report recapping the viewing hours and views for its large catalog of titles, we’ve got the final word on whether certain shows will be returning. The British series Red Rose is among the titles switched from season 1 to a limited series. 

Created by Michael Clarkson and Paul Clarkson, the teen horror-thriller follows teenage friends who download and explore the Red Rose mobile app, which demands they perform certain tasks or they’ll face circumstances.

Released on the BBC throughout 2022, Netflix picked up the global rights as a Netflix Original for release in February 2023.

Both RadioTimes and Cosmopolitan, around the time of the release of season 1, suggested that the show would come back.

Here’s what the RadioTimes speculated for the future:

“As for the story, there are certainly places that it could go if the show were to return. There were still a number of questions left unanswered at the end of the season, with a cliffhanger ending that suggests the app is still out there.”

When Netflix first released the show, it did so under the label “Season 1”. Of course, if things are meant to be a limited series upfront, Netflix is keen to put that label there, but it was only in the new engagement report that we noticed that the label had been switched.

Is this a cancellation? Well, yes and no. We suspect it was always the intention for this to be a one-and-done series, and we’d still encourage you to watch it even if it’s not coming back, as it does feature a somewhat satisfactory ending.

We have some good news if you’re a fan of these British co-releases with the BBC, though. Just recently, Netflix confirmed it’d be the streaming home outside of the United Kingdom for A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, which is headlined by Wednesday star Emma Myers. Similarly, Netflix will also share the release of the forthcoming Wallace & Gromit movie.

This was the biggest English-language title that was swapped from season 1 to a limited series, but there were a bunch of confirmations for Korean titles in particular. We covered those K-dramas, which are now confirmed not to be coming back for second seasons here.

Are you sad that Red Rose won’t return for a second season? Let us know below.

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