‘Losers’ Won’t Return for Season 2 at Netflix

It's one and done for the unique documentary series.

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losers canceled at netflix wont return for season 2

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Losers, the Netflix documentary series first released on March 1, 2019, will not return for a second season on Netflix. Although the creator expressed interest in producing a second season when the show was initially released, he confirmed in early 2023 that there would be no follow-up series.

Just to catch you up in case you missed this documentary gem in early 2019, it’s a sports documentary but not one you’d typically see. Most sports documentaries typically focus on the winners in sports and the legends. This title set out and sought to tell the stories of the losers or those who got close to making it but never did.

Some of the famous faces in the series include Michael Bentt (a former boxer), Surya Bonaly (a French figure skater), Pat Ryan (a Canadian curler), Jack Ryan (a streetball player), and Jean van de Velde (French golfer).

When the show was first released, creator and executive producer, Mickey Duzyj, took to Reddit to answer some questions regarding the docu-series. He revealed some of the inspirations behind the show, and, possibly most importantly, he answered whether pineapple should be on pizza, saying: “Pizza with pineapple polarizes the critics, which I’m into. I’ll eat it but never order it.”

The creator has expressed interest and shared potential directions for the next season. In response to a question simply put as “Season 2?”, he said, “Would love to! But I have no news to share on that front.”

Mickey even jokingly teased a second season on Twitter:

For years, the show had not been given any formal renewal as of the time of publishing. When this happens, we often refer to the show as ghost-canceled and that is what we suspected here.

It wasn’t until February 2023, however, that Duzyj shared with a fan asking about the status of the show confirming that there would not be any future seasons.


Duzyj, a talented animator, continues to be active on social media and has since gone on to work on the HBO Max title, Generation Hustle. He’s also a frequent contributor of illustrations to outlets like the Washington Post.

Would you have liked to have seen the docuseries Losers return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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