‘Old Dads’ Netflix Movie Soundtrack: Full List of Songs

The soundtrack features Judas Priest, the Beastie Boys and The Kinks.

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old dads netflix movie soundtrack list

Old Dads. (L to R) Bokeem Woodbine as Mike, Bobby Cannavale as Connor, Bill Burr as Jack in Old Dads. Cr. Michael Moriatis/Netflix © 2023.

Bill Burr’s new Netflix Original comedy movie is now streaming, and with it comes a collection of recognizable songs that makes up the soundtrack for Old Dads that complements the laughs you’ll undoubtedly have throughout.

Serving as Bill Burr’s directorial debut, the movie follows three friends facing the biggest challenges in their life to date: millennials.

In our review of the movie, we gave it a 3/5 rating concluding, “Old Dads never lives up to its much funnier & biting opening scenes and doesn’t measure up to its legendary creator in Burr. While some of the humor and commentary we have been accustomed to from Burr’s previous writing still lands, the story itself feels out of date in a world that feels less grounded & relatable than our current landscape.”

The original soundtrack for the movie, as reported by Film Music Reporter, was compiled by Christopher Willis, who is best known for The Death of Stalin and The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

Old Dads Soundtrack: Full list of songs

Now for the full list of songs that are featured throughout Old Dads:

  • You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest
  • PSM Bourbon on Ice – Thomas Hynes
  • Sunday Driving – Daryl Griffith
  • Take A Chance – Keilana

  • All Gold Everything – Trinidad James
  • The Blue Star – Jeff Lingle
  • For Ursula – Patrick Maarek and Philippe Guez
  • For Britney – Philippe Bestion
  • High Rollers – James Copperthwaite, Oliver James Vessey
  • Eye Of The Tiger – Paul Anka
  • Lady Love – Lou Rawls
  • Days Gone By – Alessandro Rizzo, Daniel Hewson and Elliot Ireland
  • Root Down – Beastie Boys

  • New Ting – Stella Mwangi
  • Midnight Tribe – Daniel Lobel
  • Stack Commas – Oakayla Music
  • Like A Pro – Ervin Delacruz, Robert Gordon and Brandon Payton
  • Trap Club – Kid Krono
  • We’s Hot – Cadence Blaze
  • Love Is Gone – Kid Krono and Angelo Diaz
  • Splish Splash – Sha Na Na
  • Apeman – The Kinks

Spotify Playlist for Old Dads

Sadly, most of the songs featured aren’t available on YouTube, let alone Spotify, but where available, we’ve compiled a list of all the tracks that you can listen to on the music platform here and embedded it below:

Old Dads is now streaming on Netflix globally.

What was your favorite song in the soundtrack for Old Dads? Let us know in the comments.

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 Poster Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Director: Bill Burr
Cast: Katrina Bowden, Rachael Harris, Bobby Cannavale
Added to Netflix: October 20th, 2023

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