One Day at a Time Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

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The smash hit sitcom One Day at a Time will be returning to Netflix for season 3 in 2019. After an amazing first 2 outings, it comes as no surprise that a new season is on the way. With many fans waiting in anticipation for the latest season’s arrival, here is everything we know so far for season 3 of One Day at a Time.

One Day at a Time is based on the CBS sitcom of the same name. The show has been highly praised for its take on sensitive topics such as racism, sexism, religion, PTSD, depression, and sexuality. The very first season the show was nominated for an Emmy. While it didn’t win the Emmy it did go on to win 4 awards from the Imagen Foundation Awards.

The series follows the life of a Cuban-American family. The matriarch of the family Penelope Alvarez has separated from her husband due to his alcoholism and has moved away with both her children. With the help of her mother Lydia, she raises her two children Elena and Alex as a single mother. When she isn’t busy raising her kids or working as a nurse she tries her hand at dating again. Along the way, we see the ups and downs of life as a whole and the important issues that Hispanic families deal with in day to day life.

Season 2 finale recap

It was set to be an incredibly emotional finale for Lydia. After her stroke in the episode before it was looking like Lydia was set to pass away. Given the choice to leave or stay by the love of her life Berto, Lydia decides she isn’t ready to die yet and awakes from her coma. To celebrate her recovery both Lydia and Schneider officially become US Citizens.

Justina Machado as Penelope (Left) and Rita Monroe as Lydia (Right)

Who is in the cast for season 3?

The main cast is set to return for season 3:

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen them before?
Penelope Justina Machado Torque, Six Feet Under, The Purge: Anarchy
Lydia Rita Monroe West Side Story, OZ, The King and I
Elena Isabelle Gomez Matador, Modern Family, Noches Con Platanito
Schneider Todd Grinnell Hollywoodland, How I Met Your Mother, Revenge
Doctor Berkowitz Stephen Tobolowsky Memento. Spaceballs. Groundhog Day
Alex Marcel Ruiz Snowfall

Other recurring actors such as Ed Quinn and James Martinez will most likely return as Max and Victor respectively.

Where is production up to?

By now it is likely that production has finished on the series as filming began earlier on this year.

The Trailer

A trailer for season 3 has finally arrived!

When is the release date for Season 3?

It has been confirmed officially by Netflix that season 3 will air on February 8th, 2019!

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