‘One Piece’ Hasn’t Been Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix Yet

Speculation on back-to-back filming with season 2 popped up over the last few days.

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One Piece Not Yet Renewed For Season 3 At Netflix

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Speculation has been rife over the past few days after one of the actors in One Piece seemingly confirmed that Netflix has given the show a third-season renewal. Sadly, that’s not the case. 

The news comes via an interview with Braashad Mayweather, who played Patty in season 1 of the show. Speaking about the upcoming season in an interview with What’s Popping! with Bruce Crossey, the actor said, “We’ll see if they flash back to its because they’re filming two seasons – season two and three – back to back starting soon. So we’ll see what happens.”

This interview clip was widely shared on social media and various sites. X aggregator DiscussingFilm pushed it out to its 1.5M followers but has since deleted the post without further clarification. ComicBook.com also wrote about the incident but updated its post with additional clarification. The news even reached some Japanese outlets, too.

Sadly, news of One Piece filming a second and third season back-to-back is not the case.

Netflix confirmed to us that reports of a third season being filmed in conjunction with season 2 were “not accurate at this time.”

In addition, they pointed to the clarification posted by Darth (_FireClaw_ on X) that Brashaad Mayweather was purely speculating in the interview in question.

Mayweather has also since clarified that his remarks were taken out of context in subsequent replies. In response to DiscussingFilm, Mayweather said: “THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL. WHO’S TO SAY I’M EVEN IN PART 2,” adding in a follow-up reply (with corrected punctuation and spelling), “Way out out of context. I’m sure the next 10 seasons will be filmed in South Africa. Have I seen them? No but there are hundreds of One Piece episodes to film.”

We’re expecting some Netflix One Piece news imminently as filming begins on the second season of the live-action series sometime in June, which is set to continue into early 2025. Numerous fan accounts have been spotting ships being set up for filming in Cape Town.

We should be hearing about who will fill the roles we uncovered that were being cast in early May 2024. As a quick reminder, characters being cast for season 2 include:

  • Princess Vivi
  • Nico Robin
  • Smoker
  • Tashigi
  • Ms. Valentine
  • Mr. 5
  • Crocus

We’ll keep you posted on any news regarding anything new about One Piece in the coming weeks and months as we set sail for season 2!

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