Osmosis Season 2 on Netflix: Has it been renewed? Release date?

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Osmosis – Courtesy of Netflix

Osmosis season 1 is now out on Netflix around the world as the third French Netflix Original series. Will Netflix be renewing the show for a second season? When will season 2 of Osmosis be on Netflix? Let’s take a look below. 

The series comes from Audrey Fouché who is behind the popular series The Returned (LesRevenants in French) which happens to still be streaming on Netflix although the A&E series recently departed. Season 1 is a twist on what could be compared to Black Mirror season 4 episode called Hang the DJ in that it fuses technology with dating.

Decider.com gave the show a thumbs up saying you should stream it rather than skipping it. They said: “Although Osmosis isn’t exactly original, it’s always watchable, well-acted and skirting the fringe of intriguing philosophical subtext.” Other reviewers including the viewing public haven’t been as kind saying most of the characters were unlikeable.

Has Osmosis been renewed for season 2?

Official renewal status: Not yet renewed (Last updated: 04/04/2019)

No renewal as of yet but that’s no reason to be concerned just yet. It usually takes a good few months for Netflix to take decisions on the future of its shows.

According to a French outlet Programme Television, one of the producers behind the show has already expressed interest in a second season. Agathe Bonitzer who plays Esther Vanhove in the series said that (translated) “Everything is possible”.

They go onto say and we’d echo this also that the main way people can help get the series to get a second season is to watch it and spread the world. They also add (roughly translated): “Everything will, of course, depend on the reception that will receive this series, a little cold and hieratic, by users of the platform.”

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Netflix is investing heavily in French series at the moment although Marseille failed to get renewed for season 3 in 2018. “Plan Coeur” or as it’s known in the West, “The Hook Up Plan” recently got renewed for season 3 and Huge in France coming in April 2019.

When will season 2 of Osmosis be on Netflix?

At this stage, it’s near on impossible to predict when season 2 of Osmosis will be on Netflix.

Assuming it does get renewed, it wouldn’t be until at the very least early 2020 until the new season would release. Sci-fi shows from Netflix tend to take a little longer as well as foreign series.

Would you like to see Osmosis return to Netflix for season 2? Let us know in the comments down below.

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