Rim of the World: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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For those keeping track, May is set to be one of the busiest months of 2019 with the number of Originals on the way. Kicking off the Summer season towards the latter end of May is the upcoming release of Rim of the World. Here’s everything you need to know on Rim of the World including the Netflix release date, cast, plot & trailer.

Rim of the World is a Netflix Original sci-fi adventure film directed by McG. The Charlie’s Angels director previously directed the fan favorite The Babysitter and also served as a producer for the Netflix title When We First Met. McG has another pending Netflix title Tall Girl, which is yet to receive a release date. Most notably the screenwriter behind Rim of the World Zack Stentz who’s previously worked on titles such as Thor, X-Men: First Class and CW’s The Flash.

What is the plot of Rim of the World?

The official synopsis for Rim of the World given by Netflix is the following:

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Summer camp at Rim of the World has barely begun when four misfit teenagers Alex, ZhenZhen, Dariush, and Gabriel find they’ve got bigger problems to face than learning how to canoe and climb ropes when aliens suddenly invade the planet. Alone in a campground once teeming with people, the kids are unexpectedly entrusted with a key that carries the secret to stopping the invasion. Without any adults or electronics to help guide the way, it’s clear what they must do: band together, conquer their fears, and save the world.

Who is in the cast of Rim of the World?

The following cast members have been confirmed for Rim of the World:

Role Cast Member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Alex Jack Gore The Kids Are Alright | Ferdinand | Billions
ZhenZhen Miya Cech The Darkest Minds | Arrow | American Horror Story
Dariush Benjamin Flores Jr. Ride Along | Happy Feet Two | The Haunted Hathaways
Gabriel Alessio Scalzotto Genius
Captain Hawking Dean Jagger Game of Thrones | Corbin Nash | The Hunter’s Prayer
Conrad Tony Cavalero School of Rock | The Duff | Modern Family
TBA Lynn Collins X-Men Origins: Wolverine | John Carter | The Merchant of Venice
TBA Annabeth Gish Mystic Pizza | Nixon | Beautiful Girls
TBA Punam Patel Special | Kevin from Work | I Feel Bad
TBA Michael Beach Aquaman | If Beale Street Could Talk | Soul Food
TBA King Bach When We First Met | To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before | The Babysitter

Some roles are still yet to be confirmed but we will update the list once we know more.

When did production end for Rim of the World?

Most of the production took place in 2018. The script had been written by March and the series went into pre-production by the following month. Principal photography was meant to begin in May but didn’t start until June. Filming would come to an end and post-production started in August.

Are there any images for Rim of the World?

Shockingly very little promotional material has been released for Rim of the World. We currently only have 2 images of the cast, one of which is the thumbnail to this article.

We can expect more material to release soon!

What is the run time for Rim of the World?

At the time of writing an official run time has yet to be announced. Don’t expect this film to be a slow burner last 2 hours! We doubt the film would have a run time that will exceed 90 minutes, so there will be plenty of hours in the day for your kids to have it on repeat.

Is there a Netflix trailer for Rim of the World?

With the release date so close, Netflix has finally released a trailer for Rim of the World.

When is the Netflix release date for Rim of the World?

Rim of the World will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday the 24th of May.

Are you looking forward to the release of Rim of the World? Let us know in the comments below!

Rim of the World: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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