‘Romantics Anonymous’ Netflix Japanese Romance Drama: Everything We Know So Far

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Romantics Anonymous Netflix Japanese Romance Series What We Know So Far

A new and exciting collaboration between Japanese and Korean filmmakers has resulted in the development of the romantic drama Romantic Anonymous on Netflix. Here’s everything we know about Romantic Anonymous so far.

Romantic Anonymous is an upcoming Japanese Netflix Original romantic drama series directed by Sho Tsukikawa and written by screenplay writer Kim Ji Hyun, who adapted the screenplay from the French film Les Émotifs anonymes.

Director Sho Tsukikawa expressed their thoughts on the project:

“The Japanese and Korean staff and cast are working together while respecting each other’s cultures and opinions. We’ve engaged in numerous discussions from pre-production to moments before each shot, always striving to determine “what is best.” Han Hyo-Joo, our heroine, wrote something on my iPad. It was the Korean phrase “마지막 마지막까지 화이팅!,” which means “Let’s do our best until the very very end!” in Japanese. This has become our project’s rallying cry, motivating us every day. We still don’t know the final outcome. We are searching for the best approach as we film. It’s an exhilarating process, and we’re committed to combining all our efforts to deliver something exceptional. Please look forward to the final product!”

Lim Seung Young is the showrunner, and Kim Yong Eun, Choi Gi Young, Kim-Keum Sil, Takuro Nagai, and Mao Osaki are listed as the producers. Riki Project is the production company behind the project.

Showrunner Lim Seung Young had the following to say about the series:

“I am truly delighted to witness the process of a project coming to fruition after 10 years of development; through the hands of a Korean screenwriter, a Japanese director, and the performance of top actors from both Japan and Korea. I hope that this work, developed and produced by the Korean production company YONG FILM, in collaboration with the Netflix team in Japan, will be loved, and garner the interest of many worldwide.”

What is the plot of Romantic Anonymous?

Thanks to their love of chocolate, Sosuke and Hana have a chance encounter. However, due to their social anxiety, Sosuke can’t touch, and Hana can’t make eye contact, which brings unique challenges to their budding relationship.

Who are the cast members of Romantic Anonymous?

Shun Oguri plays Sosuke Fujiwara. Sosuke is the germophobic son of a major confectionary magnate. Fans of the Godzilla franchise will recognize Oguri for his role as Ren Serizawa in Godzilla vs. Kong.

The actor had the following to say about the series;

“When I received the offer, the plot was tightly crafted and the project’s vision was clear. An amazing cast and crew quickly came together, and I was very excited to start. Currently, we’re diligently examining the nuances and differences between the Japanese and Korean languages and do our best to make this work better. I look forward to continuing this enjoyable project with this wonderful team and deliver excitement and thrills to everyone.”

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Han Hyo-Joo plays Hana Lee. The actress was recently seen in Netflix Original titles such as Believer 2 and 20th Century Girl. She is most well known for starring in the television show Dong Yi and the movies The Beauty Inside and W.

The actress shared her thoughts on the project:

“It’s been exciting to work on a Japanese project again after all this time. I’m especially delighted to be acting alongside our Korean team of producers, and the art, editing and music directors in this collaboration between Korea and Japan. While we’ve faced some challenges due to the collaborative nature of this project, I’m truly enjoying working with the director, my co-actors and our staff. I’ve made many unforgettable memories. With the mindset of a rookie actor experiencing the anticipation of being in production, I’m fully committed and determined to do my best for the viewers and to make this series truly outstanding. Please show us your support.”

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Yuri Nakamura plays the role of Irene. The actress has yet to make her Netflix debut, but she is most well known for starring in movies such as Like Father, Like Son, Fukushima 50, and After the Storm.

Nakamura shared her thoughts on the project too:

“No matter how happy someone might seem, each person has their own struggles. This romantic comedy depicts the lives of adults who live desperately, albeit comically. Working with a cast and staff from different language backgrounds has really highlighted the importance of communication, especially now that remote work is common. We’re all putting our best efforts into this project. I’ve been deeply inspired by the passion and positivity of Han Hyo-Joo and all the Korean staff. We’re excited to deliver something truly special.”

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Jin Akanishi plays the role of Hiro Takada. The actor has yet to star in a Netflix Original and is most well known for starring alongside Keanu Reeves in the 2013 action-drama 47 Ronin.

Akanishi also shared his thoughts about the series:

“I am sincerely delighted to be able to participate in this collaborative project between Korea and Japan. Despite the challenges, such as language barriers and cultural differences, I’m having a fun and valuable experience. I was impressed by how the heroine of this series speaks Japanese fluently, and the Korean staff’s dedication to improve their Japanese, showing a willingness to get closer to us. I believe many Japanese actors and staff are stimulated a lot in such an international atmosphere. Plus, Hana’s cute character adds a lot of charm to this series. Please enjoy everyone’s performance.”

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No supporting cast members have been confirmed as of yet.

What is the production status of Romantic Anonymous?

Official Production Status: Filming (Last Updated 04/06/2024)

Netflix has reported that the series is currently in production.

When is the Netflix release date for Romantic Anonymous?

An exact release date has yet to be announced, but Netflix has confirmed that the series will drop sometime in 2025.

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