Spotless Becomes Netflix Original in Some Netflix Regions

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Spotless now a Netflix Original

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For those who love a good foreign drama, Netflix has just picked up Spotless as an original that promises to be another superb crime drama alongside the likes of Happy Valley and The Killing.

The show isn’t a ‘complete’ Netflix Original because it was acquired by Netflix from another network. The network in question is the premium cable channel in France, Canal+, although it has since transferred the rights to the Esquire Network for its second season.

Don’t let the French network carrying the show put you off, though; the series is predominantly spoken in English, meaning you don’t have to sit through lots of subtitles.

The show is set in London and is about the life of one man who gets mixed up in the same crime he spends his day cleaning up. It’s a great premise that is wonderfully shot and will no doubt thrive on Netflix’s Original library.

Season 1 became available on Netflix as of the 6th of July 2016. Season 2 of the show isn’t expected to be available until 2017, so a Netflix release date for that seems to be a bit sketchy, as we don’t know whether it’ll arrive all in one go or in the weekly fashion as seen with Better Call Saul and others.

Countries that have Spotless as a newly acquired Netflix Original include the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, India, and Mexico, to name but a few. The US isn’t included given that Esquire is the network that took over the show’s rights but may come to streaming just without the Original branding.

Let us know what you think about the show and whether you’re excited about the impending season 2.

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