Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Netflix Release Schedule (USA, UK & CA)

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Netflix in many regions has picked up the exclusive streaming rights for the upcoming Star Trek series, Discovery. It’ll bring new episodes to the service weekly meaning for many places in the world, it’ll be the only way to watch Star Trek. This exclusive arrangement will also see the back catalogue of Star Trek come to Netflix too.

It’s hard to believe that this is the first Star Trek TV series to air since 2005 but it’s finally coming back and it’s coming back in a big way. With a familiar face from The Walking Dead leading and the series set 10 years before the original Star Trek series, this will be a bold new frontier for the show featuring updated visuals from the older shows.

You may recall our big preview for Star Trek: Discovery but all signs pointing to it being a fantastic comeback for the series.

Weekly Netflix Release Schedule

The US will be getting a new episode weekly but CBS All Access will be getting both episodes 1 & 2 on the first air date. We suspect Netflix will get both of the first episodes together and then weekly from then on. Note also the series is split into two halves. The second part of season 1 will air from 7th January 2018.

Episode Number CBS Air Date Netflix Release Date
Episode 01 September 24th, 2017 September 25th, 2017
Episode 02 September 24th, 2017 September 25th, 2017
Episode 03 October 1st, 2017 October 2nd, 2017
Episode 04 October 8th, 2017 October 9th, 2017
Episode 05 October 15th, 2017 Octoberr 16th, 2017
Episode 06 October 22nd, 2017 October 23rd, 2017
Episode 07 October 29th, 2017 October 30th, 2017
Episode 08 November 5th, 2017 November 6th, 2017
Episode 09 January 7th, 2018 January 8th, 2018
Episode 10 January 14th, 2018 January 15th, 2018
Episode 11 January 21st, 2018 January 22nd, 2018
Episode 12 January 28th, 2018 January 29th, 2018
Episode 13 February 4th, 2018 February 5th, 2018
Episode 14 February 11th, 2018 February 12th, 2018
Episode 15 February 18th, 2018 February 19th, 2018

Note: We’ll update this table should any dates either on CBS’s side or Netflix’s side change. 

Will Star Trek: Discovery be on Netflix Canada?

Canada will not be getting Star Trek: Discover, at least on the timeline as listed above. The series when shopped out to networks around the world was picked up by Bell Media in Canada. The series will be airing on CTV week to week but it’s not clear whether the series will come to Netflix later in the year.

Will Star Trek: Discovery be on Netflix USA?

Netflix USA won’t be getting Star Trek: Discovery on a weekly basis. The series will be airing on CBS but more importantly becoming exclusively available on CBS All Access. It may be the case, given the deals in other regions that the series becomes available on Netflix before a possible second season but at the moment, its fate is locked into CBS All Access. Should Netflix add the first season, we suspect it may be added in September/August 2018.

Are you excited to watch Star Trek: Discover on Netflix or are you in one of the regions where it’s going to be airing elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.

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