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As you will of heard by now Netflix has acquired the comic book rights to the Millarworld and alongside their first release of the “The Magic Order” back in June, Netflix also announced the release of a comic book adaptation of Stranger Things! We got hold of the very first issue and we’d like to share our thoughts on it with you.

The comic, rather than being a full adaptation of the full Stranger Things story as seen on Netflix, instead gives the spotlight to Will Byers and his experience of being lost in the “Upside Down.” The story takes place across four issues. Netflix has also signed a long-term deal with publisher Dark Horse comics, so while this particular story is only four issues there will be further adventures to come.

Dark Horse President Mike Richardson had this to say:

“Dark Horse is known for championing stories and storytellers. We are so excited to work with Netflix to bring the world of Stranger Things to comics. While the initial series will only be four comics long, Dark Horse has signed a long-term deal to “expand the world of Hawkins (the fictional town where Stranger Things is mainly set) and its many inhabitants”.

The Plot

Warning: Potential *Spoilers*

The story starts immediately after Will Byers enters the upside-down and is being chased by the Demigorgan. He is able to scare off the monster by grabbing the rifle in the family shed and firing at it. Unsure if the monster is hurt or just scared away, Will walks into his home and looks for his mother and brother but they aren’t there. Thinks to himself they’ll be home soon and find him when they return, the adrenaline from his confrontation with the Demigorgan seeps away and Will falls asleep.

Will dreams of playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. While Dustin and Lucas argue over how weak Will’s character is, Mike ominously says the strength lies with the party or you die alone. Will then wakes up from his dream and is confused as to why it is still dark outside and why nobody is home. Reiterated by the narrator, Will remembers the lesson that the party that fights together survives and being alone has disastrous consequences.

Will walks through Mirkwood trying to find someone to help him seeing an apparition of Eleven along the way. She soon disappears before they can interact and he hears a voice crying out his name. He makes his way back to his home and goes to his room to find his walkie-talkie. Unable to contact his mother the Demigorgan returns and Will is trapped in his bedroom.

Thoughts on the Comic

I enjoyed the first issue, but I feel four volumes will do this story more justice than a singular issue. It is interesting that we get to see what happened to Will Byers and his time spent in the Upside Down as Will wasn’t around much for Season One. It wil do the character justice that we get to see what happened to him. The art style is intriguing but I feel for how short the story is they could have gone bolder and gone for much more detail in its design. That’s not to say that the art style isn’t good, I personally would prefer something alternative.

Dark Horse published the comic with 4 separate illustrated covers.

How to buy the Stranger Things comic

Buying comic books is relatively easy if you have a local comic book store. If you do have a local store, we’d absolutely recommend supporting them. If you’re not fortunate enough to not have a local store, here are a few other suggestions.

If you’re looking to buy individual comics, you’ll want to use a subscription service to secure all four. You’ve got the Comixology service from Amazon as well as a handful of other sites.

If you’re looking for a more complete package, the volume which will consist of all four comics will drop in May 2019 with a hardcover.

The Comic Crew for Issue #1

Role Name Where have I seen their work before?
Written by Jody Houser The Amazing Spider-Man, Star Wars: Thrawn, Doctor Who
Illustrated by Stefano Martino Alan Dracon, Warlord of Mars, The Ravagers
Inked by Keith Champagne Green Lantern Corps, Superman, Justice League
Colored by Lauren Affe Rebels, Sword Daughter, The Paybacks
Lettered by Nate Pekos Big Nate, X-Men Blue, The Amazing Spider-Man


A trailer for a comic?

For the release of the comic Dark Horse made a trailer to promote its publication.

Will you be buying the Stranger Things comic books? Let us know in the comments below.

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