The Cleveland Show is Leaving Netflix

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All four seasons of The Cleveland Show will be leaving Netflix next month thanks to an expiration of the contract that was held between Netflix and FOX. Below, we’ll take a look at the details of that contract, where the show will now be streaming and some alternatives to The Cleveland Show on Netflix. 

Please note: this only currently applies to Netflix in the US.

Created by Seth MacFarlane the series is a show which shares many similarities to the other two shows from the famed creator, Family Guy and American Dad. All three shows air or has aired in the past and thanks to Netflix’s contract coming to an end soon. The Cleveland Show will be joining Family Guy in leaving in October 2017 and the previously removed American Dad! series which left earlier in the year.

What’s happened? In case you missed it over the summer Netflix lost two massive contracts. One with Disney which is resulting in that library leaving Netflix in the next few years but the other with 20th Century Fox which provides Netflix with titles from Fox and FX. This deal came to an end thanks to both parties being unable to come to an agreement.

When is The Cleveland Show leaving Netflix?

As of the time of writing, all four seasons have been confirmed to be leaving Netflix on October 19th, 2017. You can keep up to date with all the titles leaving Netflix in October using our guide.

Where’s The Cleveland Show going to be streaming now?

As you may know, Fox has part ownership in Netflix rival platform Hulu and it has been announced that most to all of Fox’s and FX’s library will be transitioning slowly to Hulu before the end of the year.

Series like The Cleveland Show on Netflix

The three Macfarlane animated sitcoms will be big losses for Netflix but thankfully, there’s plenty of both original and other content to keep us entertained in the meantime.  On the originals front, F is for Family, Bojack Horseman and the upcoming Big Mouth are all worth your time. FX’s Archer will be remaining on Netflix for the foreseeable future which is a highly rated animated sitcom.

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