The Harry Potter Movies Have Left Netflix Australia

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That’s right all you Potterhead’s down under, Netflix has removed all eight of the much-beloved Harry Potter films from the Netflix Australia library. We know the real reason why they’ve left, and we’ll be discussing the chances of the franchise returning to Netflix Australia in the near future.

Harry Potter is one of the world’s most beloved fictional franchises and one of the most in-demand sets of films for Netflix subscribers. Across ten years (2001 to 2011) eight films were released and brought in a huge haul at the box office making over $7.7 billion.


When did the Harry Potter movies leave Netflix Australia?

All eight of the Harry Potter movies left Netflix Australia on Tuesday, the 15th of January, 2020.

Why have all the Harry Potter movies left Netflix Australia?

For the past year, all the Harry Potter movies have been available to stream on Netflix Australia and select regions.

With a full year already passing, the license Netflix held to stream Harry Potter has come to an end.

Will Harry Potter return to Netflix Australia in the future?

There’s every chance that Harry Potter could return to Netflix Australia, but this depends entirely on the future of Warner Bros content in the country.

With the launch of HBO Max in America and the slow release of the service in Europe, many are expecting to see The Boy Who Lived streaming on the new platform. Currently, Foxtel holds the license for HBO and last we heard is that Foxtel is looking to expand upon their current deal that would involve the licensing of the expanded HBO library.

Where can I stream Harry Potter on Netflix?

With the removal of the Harry Potter films from the Netflix Australia library, the only regions that carry all eight films are Portugal and Spain.

Both those countries may see the removal of the franchise soon as they first arrived on Netflix on February 1st, 2019. This means Harry Potter could leave the respective libraries on January 31st, 2020.

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