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Arriving this October is Netflix’s latest biographical drama. Based on the controversy and scandal of the tax-evading companies using Panama law firms to hide money in offshore bank accounts, we can expect this to be an eye-popper. We have everything you need to know on The Laundromat, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

The Laundromat is an upcoming Netflix Original biographical comedy-drama based on the screenplay by Scott Z. Burns. This is the second Original directed by Steven Soderbergh after his 2018 title High Flying Bird, except this time around the film, hasn’t been recorded on an iPhone.

What is the plot of The Laundromat?

The following synopsis has been provided by Netflix:

When her idyllic vacation takes an unthinkable turn, Ellen Martin begins investigating a fake insurance policy, only to find herself down a rabbit hole of questionable dealings that can be linked to a Panama City law firm and its vested interest in helping the world’s wealthiest citizens amass larger fortunes. Founding partners Jürgen Mossack and Ramón Fonseca are experts in the seductive ways shell companies and offshore accounts help the rich and powerful prosper. They are about to show us that Ellen’s predicament only hints at the tax evasion, bribery, and other illicit absurdities that the super-wealthy indulge in to support the world’s corrupt financial system.

Who is in the cast of The Laundromat?

It has been confirmed that the following cast members will be starring in The Laundromat:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Ellen Martin Meryl Streep Out of Africa | The Devil Wears Prada | August: Osage County
Jurgen Mossack Gary Oldman Darkest Hours | The Dark Knight | Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Ramon Fonseca Antonio Banderas The Mask of Zorro | The 13th Warrior | Desperado
TBA Sharon Stone Basic Instinct | Casino | The Quick and the Dead
TBA Melissa Raunch The Big Bang Theory | Batman and Harley Quinn | The Bronze
Matthew Quirk David Schwimmer Friends | Six Days Seven Nights | Band of Brothers
TBA James Cromwell The Green Mile | L.A. Confidential | Babe
TBA Matthias Schoenaearts Rust and Bone | The Danish Girl | Bullhead
TBA Alex Pettyfer I Am Number Four | Elvis & Nixon | In Time
Captain Perry Robert Patrick Terminator 2: Judgement Day | The Faculty | Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle


When and where did production take place?

The following locations were used in filming for The Laundromat:

  • Key West, Florida, USA
  • Lake Arrowhead, California, USA (On the lake Ethan Allen)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Miami, Florida, USA
  • Nevada, USA
  • Santa Clarita, California, USA

Filming began on the 8th of October 2019 and concluded a months later on the 8th of December.

The Laundromat: from left to right: Jessica Allain and director Steven Soderbergh and Nonso Anozie

What is the run time of The Laundromat?

The Laundromat run time is relatively short with at 95 minutes.

Will The Laundromat be available to stream in 4K?

We can confirm that the film will be available to stream in 4K. This comes at no surprise considering Netflix’s 4K library is constantly evolving.

Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas (pictured.)

Has Netflix released a trailer for The Laundromat?

A trailer for The Laundromat dropped on the 28th of August. Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas are looking their most suave in the upcoming Netflix Original.

When is the release date of The Laundromat?

The Laundromat will be making its debut at the Venice Film Festival on the 1st of September, 2019.

It will then have a limited theatrical release in the United States from the 27th of September.

Once it’s theatrical release is over The Laundromat will be coming to Netflix on the 18th of October.

Gary Oldman (pictured.)

Will The Laundromat be available in my region?

Upon its digital release, The Laundromat will be available to all regions around the world.

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