‘The Night Agent’ Team Share New Season 2 Behind The Scenes Snaps As Show Turns One

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The Night Agent On Set Celebrating First Birthday

Picture: TNAWriters on X

If you can quite believe it, it’s been a year since The Night Agent stormed onto our Netflix accounts. To celebrate the anniversary, the team behind the show has been sharing some season 2 behind-the-scenes photos, older photos of the season 1 premiere, and perhaps most importantly, memes. 

As you may know, The Night Agent was Netflix’s biggest debut show in 2023, narrowly beating out Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, prompting a renewal on March 29th, 2024, just a week after its premiere on March 23rd. The show spent 10 weeks in the global top 10 list pulling 812 million viewing hours globally between January and June 2023.

Filming on the second season was significantly delayed due to the strikes, but as of the time of writing, it is deep into production, with filming having already concluded on the Bangkok portion of the second season. The current expected wrap date for the show is June 10th, 2024, with season 2 not scheduled to land on Netflix until 2025.

The new images were shared from The Night Agent Writers account on X, which sadly has only hit over 500 followers. Considering the access you get through that account, that number must be higher. We’d also suggest following Shawn Ryan on X, who also shares plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits on the show.

We’ve got more on season 2 of The Night Agent in our full preview for the new season which includes all the casting updates, production insights, and our thoughts on what we can expect from the story.

Let’s dive into some of the new pictures and snippets of info the writer’s account and Shawn Ryan dropped about The Night Agent as it celebrates its first Birthday using the hashtag #TheNightAgentBirthday:

One photo shared of Rose Larkin holding a clapperboard confirms that Guy Ferland (who directed episodes 3 and 5 of season 1) will be returning to direct in season 2:

The Night Agent S2 Clapperboard

The writer’s account also welcomed some of the new cast members for season 2 in various Tweets, including Brittany Snow, Teddy Sears, Breto Colon, Kylo Freeman, Navid Negahban, and Keon Alexander.

These are the highlights, but if you want to share your own The Night Agent memories, you can follow along on X/Twitter.

Are you looking forward to The Night Agent’s return for season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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