Traveler’s Season 2: Netflix Release Date & Series Renewal Status

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In recent weeks, Netflix has been dropping a solid new Netflix Original every weekend and Traveler’s is likely to be the last big release of 2016 but as the saying goes, you leave the best till last and they certainly have with Traveler’s.

The Canadian sci-fi show which was only recently bought up by Netflix for international distribution by Netflix is best in class and actually follows a whole host of fantastic sci-fi from Canada. The series is about a federal agent who is seemingly possessed with someone’s conscience from the future. It’s their job to help humanity before it’s too late.

The first season has been premiering weekly in Canada on Showcase from October 17th with the last episode coming on the 23rd December – the same day of the Netflix whole season release. It’s not the first Canadian series to be done in this way, Between is the biggest series that is produced in Canada and then distributed by Netflix.

Traveler’s Season 2 Renewal Status

Update – (02/09/2017) – The series has officially been renewed for a second season. Production starts in March and begins airing on Showtime in Canada in the fall. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Netflix will be getting weekly episodes but it’s unlikely.

When will season 2 of Traveler’s be on Netflix?

Assuming the show does get renewed, we can expect a similar release window again for 2017 on Showcase. Depending on when we hear about season 2, we’re likely to see weekly episodes start dropping on Showcase from October 2017.

The difference next year is that Netflix is on board from the get-go. Either two things will happen. The first, and most likely, is that new episodes will arrive on Netflix globally a few hours to a day on Netflix around the world. Alternatively, it may be the case (as with this year) that all episodes will drop at once in December 2017. Obviously as time draws closer we’ll know more about a solid release schedule for the show.

Have you been watching Traveler’s? Do you want it to return for a second season?

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