‘The Unbroken Voice’ Gets Season 2 Release on Netflix in May 2024

The telenovela is returning for another season with another bumper episode count.

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The Unbroken Voice Season 2 Netflix

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Netflix picked up The Unbroken Voice (also known as Arelys Henao or Canto para no llorar, Arelys Henao) in November 2022 following its airing on Caracol Televisión earlier that year. In a similar fashion, Netflix is now due to get a brand new season following the ending of the show’s second season.

Serving as a biopic series about the famed Colombian singer Arelys Henao, the first season, consisting of a staggering 65 episodes, saw Mariana Gómez play the lead role. Héctor Rodríguez Cúellar serves as the creator of the series.

As mentioned, those 65 episodes were added to Netflix globally on November 23rd. Netflix doesn’t provide dubbing for the series, with only the original Spanish audio available, but it does have a slew of different subtitle options, including English.

Following the addition of the first season, the show quietly crushed it on the top 10s. Per FlixPatrol, the show featured in 21 countries in total, including the US, but what’s notable is how long the series stayed in those top 10s (likely due to its big episode count). In the United States, the show stayed in the top 10s for an incredible 30 days, whereas in some countries, it was significantly longer: Argentina (97 days), Costa Rica (105 days), Venezuela (132 days), Mexico (45 days), and Peru (90 days).

What You Need to Know About The Unbroken Voice Season 2

Announced in April 2023, season 2 is set many years after the first; therefore, there were significant changes in casting going into the next batch of episodes. Replacing Mariana Gómez for the new season was Verónica Orozco, with Santiago Alarcón taking over the role of Wilfredo Hurtado from José Ramón Barreto.

Season 2 of The Unbroken Voice, dubbed There’s Still Much To Sing, has been airing on Caracol Televisión since early January 2024. New episodes are released almost every day (the show is equivalent to a soap in the UK or US). It takes place over 11 years after the events of the first season with Arelys Henao now having established her career and family and has to strike a tricky balance between the two.

All of the new episodes that have been airing in Colombia are now bound to Netflix. The second season is expected to have a similar episode count to the first (60+).

We can confirm that all of season 2 will be landing on Netflix globally on May 1st, 2024.

Unbroken Voice Season 2 Confirmation

Release date for The Unbroken Voice season 2

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