‘Unicorn Academy’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in 2025; Introducing Two New Characters

The animated kids show is returning for a season 2 but isn't expected until 2025.

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Unicorn Academy Season 2 Netflix

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Added to Netflix in November 2023, Unicorn Academy from Spin Master will be returning to Netflix for a full season but it’s not expected to arrive until 2025. 

Based on the Julie Sykes novels, the series, consisting of 9 episodes thus far, including a supersized debut episode, tells the story of a brave teen and her school friends teaming up to protect the magical unicorn academy from dark forces.

The voice cast for the first season included Sara Garcia, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Kamaia Fairburn, Gabriella Kosmidis, Kolton Stewart, and Kari Wong.

In addition to being on Netflix, Spin Master maintains a very active YouTube presence for the show. It recently released a full recap for season 1 condensed into a 40-minute video (embedded below).

Since the addition of Unicorn Academy, the show has been featured in the kids’ TV top 10s in over 35 regions of Netflix, including the United States, where it was featured for 30 days, and the United Kingdom, where it was featured for 25 days. The show has performed exceedingly well in India, with data suggesting it has been featured in the kids’ TV top 10s there for over 157 days and counting.

Wait, has Unicorn Academy been renewed for season 2? Yes! Although not technically renewed, it was given an upfront order of episodes, meaning it was initially ordered with a big batch of episodes set to be spread across multiple seasons. We’re also expecting some specials to drop but no word on when they’ll be.

The news came via THR last Summer with Jen Dodge saying, “We have another full season of episodes that will drop, and we also have 44 and 60-minutes specials that will drop along the way.”

In recent weeks, casting calls have cemented the fact there’s a full season 2 coming.

Casting Calls for Unicorn Academy Season 2 were issued in early 2024

Posted by Larissa Mair Casting & Associates Inc., they confirm new episodes are on the way, with recording for the new season taking place between April and December 2024. They also state the showrunner for the new season is Laura Sreebny. Meanwhile, Cassi Simonds is listed to be directing this season.

The two characters set to be introduced are as follows:

IVY –She/her. 20-30. Chinese/Biracial. Seeking Singers. Ivy is THAT GIRL and knows it. With her pop-hits, she is mega-famous and loves to talk about it. On stage, Ivy is a bombastic over-the-top performer, who loves to wear crazy costumes, and is an all around DIVA. The center of attention, Ivy has a big ego and often has an out-of-touch attitude played for laughs. She doesn’t think of other people’s feelings, and can be cutting and mean. Secretive, always performing, and never real, Ivy is disrespectful and is ultimately acting out for approval. She is hurting, her family doesn’t care how successful she is – her work is trivial to them. At times she can be remorseless, vengeful, fueled by her inner pain, she is often just on the edge of her snapping point.

ALI – He/him. Transmasc. 14-25 (talent to sound 14). Middle Eastern. Ali is Lebanese and is a bubbly, over-eager first-year student. Ali is enthusiastic about everything he does and will happily assist anyone with anything they might need. Ali sees the world as glass FULL-y full, and he will fetch that glass for you if you’re thirsty!!”

Now given those recording dates, we’re currently not expecting the full second season of Unicorn Academy to drop on our screens until 2025. That said, we have been teased specials above, which could, and we hope they will release in 2024 while we’re waiting for season 2 – we’ll, of course, keep you posted should we learn more.

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