‘The Yard’ Part 2 Coming to Netflix in November 2019

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The Yard – Picture: Netflix

Netflix has just released part 1 of season 1 of The Yard onto the service worldwide, and part 2 is just around the corner. Here’s a look at when the second part has been confirmed for Netflix and a look into the show’s current schedule, including when season 2 will be streaming. 

In case you haven’t watched The Yard just yet, here’s the lowdown. The Turkish show Netflix acquired earlier this year is a prison drama that’s technically a remake of the Australian series Wentworth as it follows many of the same plotlines.

Let’s start with the release date for the next batch of episodes, which most people will visit this article for. Part 2 is coming to Netflix on November 15th, 2019.

Part 2 release date for The Yard

If you’re wondering about the future of Avlu, that’s where it gets complicated, given how Netflix edits and puts the episodes up.

Let’s run through how episodes of Avlu air in Turkey first. Each episode runs at around 2 hours. Season 1 ran for 11 episodes. Season 2 ran for a longer 33 episodes, with once again being 33 episodes.

Season 3 of Avlu is planned for later in 2019 to be released in Turkey first.

Netflix is splitting the individual seasons up with smaller episode runtimes. Season 1: part 1 dropped on Netflix on October 18th. Part 2, which is due out on November 15th, will likely conclude the first season with Netflix then getting ready to release season 2: part 1 either later in 2019 or early 2020.

That’s all we know about part 2 of The Yard for Netflix coming in November so far. We’ll have more as we get it, and as always, let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to more episodes of The Yard.

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