‘Thirsty Suitors’ Set to Arrive on Mobile Via Netflix Games

The game will join Netflix's collection of over 100 mobile titles.

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Thirsty Suitors Coming To Netflix Mobile Games

Picture: Outerloop Games / Netflix

Netflix has just confirmed another upcoming mobile game for its upcoming roster of titles, surpassing 100 mobile titles and a handful of cloud games. Thirsty Suitors is set to arrive on Netflix exclusively via mobile in addition to its release on other platforms.

“Battle exes, face your family and skateboard through the hometown you tried to leave behind in this cheeky role-playing game about finding yourself,” reads the official synopsis.

Indeed the game has you following Jala, who battles her exes in turn-based battle sequences (think Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) with other gameplay elements including cooking and skateboarding.

Seattle-based Outerloop Games is the developer behind the game and bringing it to mobile via its publisher, Annapurna Interactive. The company boasts that it’s a minority-led indie studio. Its first game, Falcon Age, was released in October 2020.

The game is already available on a slew of platforms, with its Steam release last November, where carries a “Very Positive” review status. Other platforms where the game is currently available include the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

IGN gave the game a score of 8 concluding, “The story can feel a bit rushed at times, but cooking under the pressure of a judgmental family and reconciling with exes through exaggerated battles makes Thirsty Suitors very worthwhile.”

It’ll make its way onto mobile for free via your Netflix subscription soon.

Thirsty Sailors Coming To Netflix Games On Mobile

Picture: Outerloop Games / Netflix

The game will join Netflix’s rapidly growing collection of mobile games, which first launched in November 2021. The collection now sits at over 100 titles strong. Other June 2024 releases include Cosy Grove: Camp Spirit, The Case of the Golden Idol, Hearts, and Netflix Stories: Perfect Match.

There’s plenty more on the way, too! Too Hot To Handle 3 and The Dragon Prince: Xadia are scheduled to release in July 2024, with other titles coming later in the year including Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure and Chicken Run: Eggstraction.

Here are a few more first looks at the upcoming Thirsty Suitors game courtesy of Outerloop Games and Netflix:

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Picture: Outerloop Games / Netflix

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Picture: Outerloop Games / Netflix

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Picture: Outerloop Games / Netflix

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Picture: Outerloop Games / Netflix

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