When will Thor: Ragnarok be on Netflix?

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Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s big fall movie of 2017 pitting Thor up against the Hulk in the biggest Thor movie to date. Better yet, thanks to the Disney deal struck back in 2014 and enacted in 2016, Netflix will be getting the movie added to Netflix in June 2018 in the United States and Canada.

Directed by Taika Waitit and featuring a similar cast to the previous two Thor movies, this one will feel very different as Earth is no longer a location for the movie. Doctor Strange will also feature as we’re now halfway into the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie scored exceptionally well with critics and also served as the direct movie to Infinity War which is now out in the wild and also coming to Netflix.

Wait, isn’t the Disney deal ending?

You may know that Disney has essentially ended its relationship with Netflix and will result in them pulling all of the new theatrical releases since 2016 away from Netflix. What you may not know is that this doesn’t come into effect until 2019 and the original deal was for three years. That does mean, however, that Thor: Ragnarok will leave Netflix in 2019. At this current rate, Thor will be the second to last Marvel movie coming to Netflix as part of the above agreement.

Netflix US Release Date

Please note: This only applies to Netflix US

Previous films have released roughly 7 to 8 months after its initial theatrical premiere. Thor: Ragnarok released in theaters late last year so as a result, we knew it meant in the case of Thor: Ragnarok that it’d arrive on Netflix in May or June 2018. It’s now, however, been confirmed to be released on Netflix in the United States on June 5th.

Will Thor: Ragnarok release in other regions?

Both Netherlands and Canada currently receive regular Marvel movies. Netflix Canada will likely get the movie around the same time as the US above as has been the case for the previous Disney movies. The Netherlands is harder to predict but we’ll update this post should we get any information.

Are you looking forward to catching the latest Thor movie on Netflix?

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