‘Valeria’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

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Valeria is the latest Netflix Original series from Spain and as per usual, it’s shot straight to the top of the charts around Europe. If you’ve finished season 1 of Valeria you may be wondering if season 2 is on the way, let’s take a look. 

If you’ve not dived into Valeria yet, let’s give you a quick recap. The Spanish series is about a writer who seems to have hit a roadblock with both her professional and personal lives. She vows to get back on track with the help of her friends.

All eight episodes in season 1 dropped on Netflix on May 8th, 2020 as has been compared to Sex and the City.

So what are the prospects of a second season?

Has Valeria been renewed for season 2?

Official renewal status: not officially renewed but expected (last updated: 05/17/2020)

Despite not getting a renewal just yet, it is expected. According to some sources, production is due to get underway once the worldwide pandemic ceases to exist.

There’s certainly plenty of material to cover. As you may know, the series itself is based on novels from Elisabet Benavent who went onto produce five novels in total in the series so there’s plenty left to cover.

There’s also hint from Diana Gómez that a second could be underway telling Spanish outlet Sensacine (roughly translated from Spanish):

“I would like Valeria to have more confidence with herself. Despite all the problems she may encounter, all the trouble she can get into, that she has a lot of confidence in herself, security, and that she never, never, never abandons her friends.”

Netflix often relies on its data to determine whether to produce new seasons so what does the data say?

According to our tracking of what’s popular on Netflix, the series has been a smash hit in Spain but also has appeared in the top 10 in Mexico and France too. It’s failed to get into the top 10 in English-speaking regions such as the United States, the UK, Canada or Australia, however.

So it seems it’s just a matter of time before it gets the thumbs up.

When will season 2 of Valeria release on Netflix?

As for a release schedule, that’s unclear.

According to THR, productions have slowly started up again across Europe with some Spanish regions allowing filming while others are not allowed just yet. Filming for Valeria takes place in Madrid which, given it’s a densely populated city, will probably be one of the last to start shooting again.

At the moment, we’d only be able to give a broad 2021 release date until we get the go-ahead for any future series.

In the meantime, there is another project to be looking forward to. Netflix is set to adapt another book from Elísabet Benavent. “Songs and Memories” or “Canciones y recuerdos”, as it’s known in Spanish, is set to be a feature film that’s due out in 2021.

Do you want to see Valeria return on Netflix for season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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