Virgin River Cast Predict July 2023 Season 5 Release Date; Hopeful for Season 6

We're awaiting "another installment of hot, steamy gossip and intrigue on the river."

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virgin river season 5 cast predict july 2023 release date


Virgin River season 5 is returning to Netflix in 2023. Via a couple of Cameos, two main cast members have revealed that Netflix is looking to release the new season around July 2023 and expressed their hopes for a season 6. 

Virgin River has long since wrapped filming its latest fifth season, and the new season is currently only scheduled to be released sometime in 2023. As we’ve covered in depth, many changes are coming going into season 5, with a new showrunner and plenty of new faces set to appear.

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Several Virgin River stars are bookable on the website, including Lynda Boyd, Alexandra Breckenridge, Zibby Allen, Martin Henderson, and Lauren Hammersley.

Two Cameos from Breckenridge and Henderson (who play Jack and Mel, respectively) reveal that they’re predicting the new season to be added around July 2023.

Breckenridge first stated she expected season 5 to release this summer, saying:

“The fifth season, I think it’s the fifth season, that’ll come out probably I don’t know maybe July again. I’m not really sure nobody has really updated me on the timeline.”

You can see the clip below where Breckenridge also stated that she’s got her “fingers crossed” for season 6.

Henderson reiterated that July 2023 release date saying, “Season 5 coming out, I think, probably in July. So, not long now, a few months, in another installment of hot, steamy gossip and intrigue on the river.”

In other news, Martin Henderson’s live signing session has been postponed until February 24th. On Instagram, the actor apologized and stated the move was because of a weather emergency in New Zealand.

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Are you looking forward to the upcoming fifth season of Virgin River on Netflix, and do you hope Netflix will renew the series ahead of time for a sixth? Let us know in the comments down below.

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