What Type of Programs Netflix Should Stream Next

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Since its inception, nobody could’ve predicted where Netflix was heading and even to this day it surprises us with updates and features we just weren’t expecting. In the past two years Netflix has made its mission to not only provide movies and TV series produced by third parties but to expand their library with series and documentaries produced by teams specifically for the sole purpose of just streaming on Netflix. Notable hits include House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Today Netflix announced its expansion into producing full-length movies which in this case comes from the legendary Yuen Wo-Ping with a sequel to the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon saga. This got us thinking here at What’s on Netflix with the possibilities of what Netflix could end up streaming here’s some of the best ideas we came up with.

Live Sports

Copyright National Football League

Copyright National Football League

Imagine a day when instead of turning on your cable television set to watch the New York Jets go up against Greenbay Packers in the NFL or watching the Philadephia Flyers go up against Washington Capitals in the NHL. While we don’t seeing this happening anytime soon we think it’ll be a massive pull for Netflix and better yet a great win. Instead of advertising the inbetween bits could be detailed analysis with a panel of experts. The NFL seems to be most up to date with adopting streaming services with their gamepass but having Netflix as one of the broadcasters would be particularly cool and while it’s not impossible we can’t forsee it.

While the NFL is the largest sport in America Netflix could adopting livecasting less mainstream sports including college football, soccer or even hockey leagues.

Late Night Talk Shows


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Netflix doesn’t have the same boundaries as many television networks in the sense that it can broadcast whatever it likes regardless of the time of the day. Popular late night talk shows include The Daily Show and more recently Last Week Tonight which is on HBO. This type of format show would be perfect for Netflix as you could simply dive in and watch whenever you like rather than having to wait until stupid o’clock to watch and be really tired in the morning. The truth is that Netflix is already moving towards this goal with the announcement that E!’s Chelsea Handler will be taking creating series for Netflix from next year. While the details are a little bit sketchy at the moment of how similar it’ll be to her current show.

Having these types of shows on Netflix means that users won’t be able to binge watch everything then simply cancel their subscription. It’ll give users constant value every week or evening.

Howard Stern Show


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If you’re not familiar with this broadcasters history which spans decades then you’re missing out. He’s entertained millions around the world just with the power of his voice. His odd and often offensive nature has meant he’s propelled himself into the spotlight and now has a full-time position on premium radio station Sirius XM. The Howard TV show which would be the televised version of the radio show was not renewed last year and we believe Netflix could be the perfect place to get that up and running again. While the show is alot more tame than what it used to be, he has some exceptional guests in which still make for great entertainment and would be great in an on-demand setting like Netflix.

There’s of course, tons more types of series which would be a perfect within the Netflix environment. Can you think of any?

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