What’s Going on With The Missing Bob Ross Episodes on Netflix?

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On June 1st 2016, Netflix added Bob Ross’s painting series for the first time in Netflix’s history and thankfully it was added to Netflix around the world. This means a whole new generation can learn and experience the delights of Bob Ross’s TV series. Eagle eyed fans however, will notice that we’ve been left kind of short with only a highlights collection on Netflix.

For those who’ve never experienced a Bob Ross episode then you’ve really missed out especially as 2016 seems to be a resurgent year for the late painter. Bob Ross was a severing military personal and developed a knack for painting. He was granted a TV show on the American network PBS where he’d spend 20 minutes and develop a painting from start to finish. His motto was that anyone can paint and his speedy tutorials for the most part delivered on that promise. He was known of his gentle tone, bushy hair and just generally being positive and a joy to watch.

To get a sense of just how magnificent his show is take a look at this episode

To understand why there’s only 26 episodes, we need to look at the duration and series that Bob Ross actually produced. His most famous series, The Joy of Painting is not in fact the series that was actually added to Netflix. If it was the case there’d be over 403 episodes available on Netflix.

Beauty is Everywhere is in fact the series that was added to Netflix and it was kind of a spin-off and acting as a best of series when it aired in 1991. So what the heck, has Netflix been short changed? Well kind of. Netflix seems to have only paid for the series gauging the data before deciding to buy up the other episodes.

That still doesn’t explain why we’ve got only 26 episodes so we asked Netflix and here’s what they came back with : ‘(we) found that some of the episodes might not be available due to streaming rights’. When we asked if it was more of the case that Netflix picked and choosed which episodes to stream they added ‘It’s more related with streaming rights than with a curation.’

Does this mean we’ll get more in the future? Hopefully the answer is yes and the best way to see if they add it is not only following us here on What’s on Netflix, but to also add the show to your list where you’ll be notified of new episodes.

In the meantime you’ll be able to find most of the Joy of Painting available on YouTube.

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