Is Nashville on Netflix?

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Nashville in recent days has been given a new lease of life having been renewed by an American cable network CMT along with some other strings. Nashville has been noticeable missing from Netflix over the past few years but will the cancellation and then revival of the show bring Netflix into its road map? We take a look.

Musicals on television has mostly been reserved in the past for children’s channels, Nashville along with Glee, bought a resurgence of musical TV shows. The country musical series starred Hayden Panettiere who is most known for her role as Claire on NBC’s Heroes and starred alongside the likes of Clare Bowen, Charles Esten and Connie Britton.

Up until it was cancelled last year, Nashville was among the musical hits on ABC. It ran for 4 seasons on ABC and the show had a particularly good life outside of the TV show with lots of revenue generated by the music licensing, after all the show is all about country singers. Due to dwindling viewing figures the show inevitably was cut from the network but with a strong campaign from fans, some of whom were targeting Netflix, the show has been picked up.

As we’ve mentioned above, Nashville has never graced Netflix and that is unlikely to ever change unfortunately. With the cancellation of the TV series, the likelihood rose but now that it’s been picked up by a Viacom network no less and a few extra strings attached, we’re pretty confident that Nashville will never come to Netflix.

The first piece of evidence that it won’t come is the new network the show has been picked up by. CMT is a Viacom subsidiary and for a number of years, Viacom have completely pulled all of their content from Netflix including the likes of South Park. Although its network MTV does have shows available on Netflix, the library is missing a number of titles.

Secondly, the new revival contract comes with a partnership with Hulu where new episodes will be available on Hulu exclusively the day after. That combined with the fact that all the other series are seemingly also included in this deal pretty much rules out Nashville on Netflix, at least in America anyway.

Some other Netflix regions are luckily enough to have Nashville streaming though including our neighbors to the north. Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany are among the countries where you’re able to stream the show.

If anything changes, we’ll let you know first here on What’s on Netflix.

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