When will Episode 15 (Series Finale) of Power be on Netflix UK?

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Power season 5 – Picture: Starz

Power is coming to an end with season 5 episode 15 but won’t be on Netflix until later in February 2020. Here’s why the episode is arriving later and when it’ll be streaming on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

In case you haven’t been following, Netflix in the UK has been getting Power exclusively for a number of years now. It’s the only region currently streaming the show and as per several shows in the UK such as Riverdale and The Good Place, it gets new episodes on a weekly basis.

Season 6, which is set to the be the final season of Power has been releasing on Netflix weekly but there’s been several breaks in between as outlined in our release schedule guide.

Now, as we come to the end of the series, you may be wondering when season 6 episode 15 is and why it isn’t on Netflix yet. Episode 14 concluded with Councilman’s Tate future on a knife-edge. The season finale is sure to be epic and hopefully wraps the show well.

Simply put, it’s taking a week off before coming back and will be on Netflix next week instead.

In a Facebook post Starz said:

“We’re giving you a break to prepare yourselves. Power returns SUNDAY, February 9.”

What that essentially means is that Power is on a weeks break and will resume for the final time on February 9th. It’ll then be subsequently be added to Netflix only in the United Kingdom on February 10th, 2020 at 8 AM GMT.

Is Power coming to Netflix outside the UK?

As we’ve covered previously, it’s unlikely Power will hit Netflix outside of the United Kingdom. The licensing has been snapped up for now in other regions but could, of course, come to Netflix elsewhere in the future. However, with Starz you’ll likely see the series stick to StarzPlay for the immediate future.

Are you looking forward to catching the final episode of Power on Netflix UK? Let us know down below.

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