BBC Earth PBS Docu-Series Library Leaving Netflix in March 2020

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Great Yellowstone Thaw Leaving Netflix

Great Yellowstone Thaw leaving Netflix on March 1st, 2020

A large portion of the BBC Earth library that all first premiered on PBS in the US will be departing Netflix in the US on March 1st, 2020. Here’s a full breakdown of all the documentary series from PBS and the BBC that will be leaving. 

As you may know, Netflix regularly picks up and loses licenses to titles. In recent years, it’s been mainly in the leave camp given Netflix’s push to its own original content. The BBC has produced some stunning nature documentaries over the years and many of them have resided on Netflix. We’ve already seen a large collection leave back in December 2019 which included all of David Attenborough’s collection.

Here’s the full list of PBS/BBC documentaries that are scheduled to leave Netflix on March 1st:

  • 9 Months That Made You (Season 1) – Docuseries on the development of a child in the womb
  • City in the Sky (Season 1) – Takes a look at modern air travel and the complexities of it.
  • Civilizations (Season 1) – Reboots the 1969 series of the same name for modern audiences looking at art around the world.
  • Earth’s Natural Wonders (Season 1) – Recent series that looks at how humans have adapted to all of Earths’ elements.
  • Food: Delicious Science (Season 1) – Michael Mosley and James Wong present this series that looks in the sciences that providse us with our food source.
  • Forces of Nature (Season 1) – Travels the globe looking at the natural forces in place that governs the planet.
  • Great Yellowstone Thaw (Season 1) – Travels to the Yellowstone National Park and looks at the life that resides there.
  • India: Nature’s Wonderland (Season 1) – Liz Bonnin looks at the natural wonders of India.
  • Kingdoms of the Sky (Season 1) – Looks at the animals and people living above the cloud.
  • Nature: Animals With Cameras (Season 1) – Animals carry advanced technology allowing us to see and experience what animals do.
  • Nature: Natural Born Hustlers (Season 1) – Follows the smaller critters such as squirrels, orcas, owls and otters.
  • Nature’s Great Race (Season 1) – Follow some of the world’s biggest animal migrations.
  • Nazi Mega Weapons (Seasons 1-3) – Not a nature documentary but still a PBS/BBC co-production. Looks at the Nazi’s best and most fearsome weaponry.
  • Supernature: Wild Flyers (Season 1) – Looks at animals that can take to the skies.

A full list of titles that will be leaving Netflix in March 2020 can be found from our leaving soon hub which also currently includes another PBS series, The Mind of a Chef as well as the incredible Spanish period drama series Velvet.

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