When Will ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again’ Come to Netflix?

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Netflix is currently carrying the first Mamma Mia move but will the sequel, Here We Go Again be coming to Netflix? Here’s a look into whether it’ll drop on Netflix including a potential release date.

Musicals don’t get much bigger than Mamma Mia! especially in recent years. The first movie was released a decade ago in 2008 and became an instant fan favorite. The movie is based partly on the play Mamma Mia which is based on the music produced by ABBA.

The sequel released in theatres in July around the world.

So will the second movie come to Netflix? The answer isn’t definitive as a longstanding movie agreement doesn’t exist with Universal Pictures (the distributor) for their live-action movies to come to Netflix.

Netflix and Universal do have an agreement for their Dreamworks and Illumination movies to come to Netflix but every other movie is dealt with on a case by case basis.

So why is the original movie on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the movie isn’t likely to come to Netflix in the United States for multiple years that’s despite the original being on Netflix. The original movie was added back to Netflix in May and the reason was likely to serve as a catchup and promotion for the upcoming movie release.

Despite all this, Netflix is still tweeting about Mamma Mia suggesting a third is in the making.

What about other countries?

It is very likely that the second movie will come to other Netflix regions where streaming is less competitive. Netflix Australia tends to pick up new Universal movies the most but again, it’s always dealt with on a movie by movie basis.

Netflix provides a title request page so if you want to see Mamma Mia 2 streaming on Netflix, there’s the best place to make it known to Netflix.

If you want to get more Mamma Mia!, the musical is still playing around the world at theatres. In fact, a new show just opened up in Boston at the North Shore Music Theatre. Likewise, you’ll find the play available in London and New York.

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