When will Part 2 of The Get Down come to Netflix?

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The Get Down Part 2

The biggest Netflix Original ever, just concerning the budget released on Netflix on August 12th, 2016. Well, at least the first half of the first season did. With a 12 episode long series, only six episodes have been released so far meaning that you’ll not only have to wait for the second season, but you’ll wait for the first season to be finished too. Come on Netflix; this is why we love you over cable!

In case you haven’t caught up with the first six episodes, let’s fill you in on what’s going on. The series is set in the late 1970’s at a time where the culture of the Bronx is rapidly shifting musically. The show sets out to explore this diverse culture. It’s heavily stylized in a way that only Baz Lurhmann can deliver.

The first half of the series has already been rated by some as a massive triumph and others stating it’ll be a slow burner but has potential. A rare few has gone as far to say that they flat out don’t like the direction. We’re somewhere in between, but that hasn’t stopped many fans from asking as to when we’ll be getting the second half of the season.

At present, only a 2017 release date has been slated for the second half of season 1, but we’re willing to go a bit further as to when it’s going to release. We’ve only seen it once before where a Netflix Original has been released in two halves, at least a full Netflix Original has anyway. That Original was The Ranch that split its first season into two halves. The first half released in April and the second has been scheduled for next month which is October.

By using the same release schedule, that mean there’d be a 6-month window which we think would be realistic for the second half of The Get Down. In that case, we believe that it’s likely that February 2017 will be around the time we get the second half of the first season with the second series potentially airing in the fall of that year, but we’re a long way off of that yet

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