When will Season 1 of “Mayans M.C.” be on Netflix?

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If you loved Sons of Anarchy you’ll be pleased to hear that Mayans MC has just premiered on FX. Should you want to stream Mayans MC on Netflix, here’s what we know about whether or not the spinoff series will be coming to Netflix. 

The new FX series takes place roughly two and a half years after the events of Sons of Anarchy. Despite it being a separate entity, there will be multiple stars of the original series appearing in this spinoff.

The United States Netflix Might Get Mayans M.C.

Update (12/09/2018): Mayans M.C. has been confirmed to NOT be coming to Netflix in the United States by the shows creator. 

It’s harder to predict whether first seasons of shows are coming to Netflix given the fact that there’s no existing deal nor, in most cases, has any deal been announced.

As you may have heard, Netflix recently split ways with Fox and its subsidiary FX seeing the removal of a huge swathe of content. This includes the removal of Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Louie. There have been two exceptions where Netflix has pre-existing contracts or have been renewed. The one that doesn’t fit this trend is Sons of Anarchy that has remained on Netflix and doesn’t look as though it’s leaving.

This could suggest that Netflix has chosen to keep Sons of Anarchy and naturally, they’d have an interest in the upcoming Mayans series. Neither Hulu or Amazon have announced plans to stream the show as of yet.

As for when it would arrive, Fox and FX used to add new seasons of their shows just before another season. That’d mean if it does come to Netflix, it’d arrive in August or September 2019.

Will Mayans MC come to Netflix UK?

As you may know, Sons of Anarchy became a Netflix exclusive show for the final couple of seasons after Channel 5 dropped it. You would expect Mayans to drop on Fox on the UK channel but that’s yet to happen hence it not appearing on NowTV as of yet.

Netflix could be waiting in the wings to release the show as a Netflix Original soon after the series wraps up.

Where you can stream Mayans M.C. not on Netflix

Until a potential Netflix release, you’re stuck with a few limited options. As we mentioned above, neither Hulu or Amazon Prime. The only options you have at the moment are going through FX’s site using its recently released subscription.

We’ll update this post over time as we learn more about Mayans M.C. streaming rights. Do you want to see the series come to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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